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Your Keyboard Walking Password Isn’t Complex Or Secure

Each year security experts plead for the general public to use unique and more secure passwords, but every year we’re reminded that the most-used passwords are awful. A popular trend is known as “keyboard walking,” and while the passwords look strong, secure, and often meet complexity standards, it’s a well-known trick that you’ll want to avoid.

Everything We Know About The Tesla Cybertruck

When Tesla announced the Cybertruck back in late 2019, it was a big deal. The wild-looking EV had such a polarizing and controversial design that even those who don’t follow the auto industry heard about it. The radical truck features premium specs, bullet-proof glass (kinda), and endless potential.

Tesla’s Next Product Might Go On Your Head

This week we learned that Tesla recently applied for an expansion of its trademark into the audio segment. The company added a trademark to sell audio equipment like speakers or headphones under its brand, suggesting your next Tesla purchase could go on your head.

Use These 7 Great Apps to Share Your Location with Friends and Family

When you’re trying to coordinate plans with friends or just find time for plans with them in the first place it can be really useful to keep tabs on each other without constantly texting “Where are you?” back and forth— and that’s where friend-finding apps come into play. We’ve rounded up our favorite iOS and Android apps to help you find your pals.

Winnebago’s First All-Electric Camper Concept Is a Disappointment

Carmakers finally know how to build electric cars that can drive further than old-fashioned gas guzzlers. But there’s still one major hurdle for electrification—heavy duty trucks and recreational vehicles weigh too much for existing batteries and electric powertrains. And unfortunately, Winnebago’s first all-electric camper concept proves this point.


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Google Is Working on an AR Headset (And It’s Not a Pair of Glasses)

It’s been nearly a decade since Google Glass originally launched, and since then, Google has slowly prepared itself for a sequel. Not only did Google purchase North, a smart glasses company, but it began recruiting developers for a new augmented reality OS late last year. And now, a new report suggests that Google will launch an AR headset in 2024.

Google Brings Android Apps to Windows For a Select Few

During the 2021 Game Awards, the Google Play team wandered on stage to announce Google Play Games for Windows PCs. The standalone application, which is separate from the Microsoft app store, will let you download Android games from Google Play and share purchased games between all your devices. Now, Google Play Games for Windows is entering an extremely limited beta.
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