Why You Shouldn’t Buy a New Console at Launch

It’s hype season all over again. The new PS5 and Xbox Series X aren’t available for preorder yet, but you’re already organizing your pocketbook and hunting for a poor sap to buy your old unwanted console. Thing is, history tells us that you should ignore the console hype. Buying in early just isn’t worth it.

Amazon Fire HD 8: The Best Budget Tablet Has New Tricks and Old Flaws

Amazon is one of few companies to carve out a space in the tablet market. Its Fire tablets, while limited by hardware and app selection, are incredibly affordable and perfect for streaming, reading, or light gaming. And while the new $90 Fire HD 8 is appealing for its new smart features and upgraded processor, its faults feel more obvious than ever.

YouTube Kids Arrives on Fire TVs

Smart TVs are easier to use than ever, and the Fire TV is no exception. But just because your young kids can navigate your TV easily doesn’t mean you want them watching just anything. Thankfully your options on Fire TV are growing today, as the YouTube Kids app has arrived on the service.

ICYDK: iPhone 8 Cases Fit the New iPhone SE Perfectly

The new iPhone SE is a welcome addition to Apple’s lineup—a midrange phone that has almost all of the features of larger and more expensive models. But it looks awfully familiar: isn’t that just an iPhone 8 with upgraded guts? Why yes it is—and that means that the cases made for the iPhone 8 fit perfectly on the 2020 iPhone SE.

Logitech Will Kill Harmony Express and Replace it For Free with Harmony Elite

Just over a year ago, Logitech launched the Harmony Express universal remote system. The company promised it would simplify universal remote setup, and bring voice control to your entertainment and smart home. Now, Logitech will discontinue the Harmony Express on September 30, 2020. After that point, all Harmony Express units will stop working. The good news? Logitech has a free replacement for you.


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Wink Will Hold Your Hub For Ransom Starting July 27th

When last we left off with Wink, the company decided to start charging a subscription with one week’s notice. Then it extended that another week. Then Wink announced it would hold off until further notice, thanks to “incredible support” for the subscription plan. Today, further notice arrives, and Wink has announced it will start charging a $5 a month subscription beginning July 27th.

Garmin Will Power Some of Its Smart Watches With the Blazing Sun

Smartwatches are a tricky business. Stick too much battery in them, and they become uncomfortable and bulky. But if you go too small, it won’t hold a charge long enough, and it becomes a frustrating thing to own. Garmin’s answer to the problem seems so obvious you might wonder why it wasn’t the first solution—solar power.
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