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Budget Phones Should Have One Good Camera, Not Four Crappy Cameras

You can’t work for a site called Review Geek without getting hands-on experience with a ton of smartphones. But every time a new budget phone crosses my path, I get more and more frustrated with a stupid trend. These affordable phones all have three, four, or even five cameras, but they can’t take a half-decent photo.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix an iPhone Screen?

Breaking an iPhone screen is never a fun experience. While nearly every electronics repair store will help you fix your iPhone, the job isn’t free, and you could walk out with a much lighter wallet. So, here are all your repair options, plus the prices you can expect to pay for an iPhone screen replacement.


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‘God of War Ragnarok’ Is for Every Gamer Now

Video games can be tons of fun for gamers of all ages, but they aren’t always easy for everyone to play. That’s why Santa Monica Studios just added over 60 accessibility options to the PC version of God of War Ragnarok—to ensure gamers of all abilities can enjoy it.
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