Your Android Phone is Now an Earthquake Detector

Earthquakes are a scary concept, not least because they come without warning. Often, by the time you find out one is happening, it’s too late to take cover. Now Android phones are becoming earthquake detectors in the hopes of giving you the few seconds you need to protect yourself.

7 of the Best Third-Party Camera Apps for Android

Phone cameras are incredibly impressive nowadays, but there’s always more that could be done to expand their utility—especially on the software side of things. And while the stock camera app on your phone is fine, there are many third-party options out there that can offer much more in the way of tools and features.

Waze Rolls Out Railroad Crossing Alerts to More Countries

Waze, the navigation app that alerts you to crashes, road closures, and traffic conditions, continues to expand its capabilities. Now it’ll warn you about upcoming railroad crossings. Google launched the feature in the U.S. previously, but it didn’t make a big deal of it until now. And it’s rolling out globally too.

Microsoft Announces Pre-Orders for the $1,399 Surface Duo Phone

Windows Phone is long dead, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft is out of the phone game. Last October, during its Surface Event, Microsoft teased an upcoming “foldable” phone dubbed the Surface Duo. Now the company is taking pre-orders. The two-screen hinged-system starts at $1,399 and will work on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless networks.


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Lookout for Android Adds Food Label and Document Scanning

Smartphones are an everyday convenience in much of the world, but if you have vision impairment or low vision, they can help you navigate the world. Google is updating its Lookout app for Android for just that reason, adding new features like food label and document scanning, while rolling it out to more phones.

Amazon Wants Podcasts, but Only If They’re Pro-Amazon

Podcasts are coming to Amazon Music and Audible, according to a “confidential” email sent to producers on August 10th. The email, which was publicized by The Desk, suggests that Music and Audible subscribers will gain access to podcasts without any additional charge. But Amazon wants podcasts to submit their shows for review, and asks producers to follow controversial content restrictions.
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