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Here’s Why You Should Buy the Roku Voice Remote

If you own a Roku device, one of the best things you can do is upgrade to the Roku Voice Remote. The default Roku remote is pretty terrible, not to mention it lacks a few essential features, so if you’ve been wondering if the Roku voice remote is worth it, here’s what you need to know.

Fairphone 4 Sets a New Standard for Repairability in iFixit Teardown

Though its devices aren’t available in the United States, Fairphone is by far the most well-known sustainable phone brand. Its products are easy to repair, come with crazy-long warranties, and receive software updates several years after their release. And now, iFixit’s teardown of the Fairphone 4 shows what manufacturers like Apple and Samsung need to do if they want to make repairable devices.

If You Use Xbox Cloud Gaming, It’s Time to Install Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service will eventually turn every computer and smart TV into a high-quality cloud gaming console. But if you want a taste of that future now, you should use Xbox Cloud Gaming in the Microsoft Edge browser. That’s because the latest Xbox Cloud Gaming feature, called Clarity Boost, is an Edge exclusive.

Heads Up: DJI’s Drone App Doesn’t Work on Pixel 6

DJI is one of the biggest names in consumer drones and action cameras, but for whatever reason, the company can’t get its apps to work on the new Google Pixel 6. It’s a puzzling situation that’s left Pixel 6 owners unable to use their drones, and it highlights DJI’s bizarre method for distributing apps.

OnePlus 10 Pro: Everything We Know So Far

If you are a fan of the OnePlus 9 Pro, just wait until you see the upcoming OnePlus 10 Pro. While we still have a couple of months to wait before OnePlus launches the 10 series, leaked photos, rumors, specs, and other details continue to emerge. Here’s everything we know about the OnePlus 10 Pro and that huge stovetop camera bulge on the back.


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Forget the Dinosaur: Google Has a Secret Pinball Game Too

Everybody knows about Google Chrome’s hidden dinosaur game, but did you know that Google has a secret pinball game tucked in its iOS app? It’s easy to play, but like the famous dinosaur game, it offers a surprising amount of depth. Here’s how to access Google’s secret pinball game on your iPhone.

The Best Tech Deals of Cyber Monday 2021

Black Friday may be over, but you have one last chance to stock up on discounted laptops, headphones, streaming sticks, and more before Christmas. Here are the best Cyber Monday deals of 2021—don’t miss out; these deals won’t last for long!

The Best Soundbars of 2021

While full-on home theater setups with dedicated speakers are always preferred, not everybody has the space or budget for that. Home theater soundbars are the next best thing, however, and we’ve gathered the best soundbars you can buy across all the price ranges to fit your needs.
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