Do You Really Need a Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats are lauded as the be-all-end-all solution to every heating and cooling need. But for most people, they’re an unnecessary expense. Unless you have a very specific set of needs, you may as well stick with your current “dumb” thermostat.

Why Are Some Chromebooks So Expensive?

Chromebooks are often thought of as “cheap” or “entry-level” machines. So what’s with this new crop of $1,000 Chromebooks, like the Pixelbook? It sounds like a difficult question, but the answer is simple. Like expensive smartphones or Windows laptops, high-end Chromebooks are faster, stronger, and more enjoyable to use than their cheaper counterparts.

The $99 Wyze Lock Is the First Wyze Product We Can’t Recommend

I’ve been sitting here struggling with where to begin this $99 Wyze Lock review. Usually, Wyze product reviews are a simple affair. Whether cameras, bulbs, plugs, or sensors, the outcome is always the same. A well-made product that does at least 90% of the work the competition does, for a fraction of the price. How can you not recommend that? The answer, it seems, is when it’s missing an essential feature: convenience.

Google is Giving Nest Owners Refunds After This Week’s Outage

If you noticed your Nest cameras didn’t seem to be working earlier this week, you weren’t alone. A massive outage took out live feeds and recording history for all Nest users. Considering Nest cameras are crucial for security to many users, that’s pretty terrible. But it seems Google wants to make amends and is offering a $5 refund to Nest users.

Newly Upgraded Android Malware Can Steal Your Google Authenticator Codes

The Cerebrus Android malware has been around since the middle of 2019, but like all software (good or bad), it keeps improving over time. Researchers at ThreadFabric have been examining a new variant and discovered several frightening capabilities. It can steal your Google Authenticator codes, record your input in banking apps, unlock your phone, and even remotely control it.

Arcade1Up’s Digital Pinball Machines Look Legit

During CES, Arcade1Up announced it had entered into a partnership with Zen Studios to create pinball machines. Unfortunately, it didn’t have any hardware to show off at the event, so we didn’t know if an Arcade1Up Pinball machine would look good. Now the company brought a digital pinball machine to the Toy Fair last week, and so far it looks fantastic.

The Raspberry Pi 4 Got a Price Drop and Fixed USB-C Port for Its Birthday

On February 29th, Raspberry Pi turns eight years old (or two if you only count leap years), and that almost feels hard to believe. In celebration of its impending birthday, the Raspberry Pi Foundation gave us some good news—a price drop. Until now, the Raspberry Pi 4 2 GB model would set you back $45; now, it’s only $35. Better yet, it fixed that outstanding USB-C issue too.

Herman Miller and Logitech Join Forces to Save Your Aching Gamer Butt

Herman Miller is known for some of the most comfortable and expensive office chairs you can buy. The company’s extensive research into the ergonomics of a good chair has served it well. Logitech is no stranger to ergonomics either and specializes in gaming peripherals. Together the two are promising to make the best gaming furniture you probably can’t afford.

Tempo Is a Smart Gym That Corrects Your Form

Exercising in a group class is probably the most affordable way to get proper form instruction. But you’ll lose a lot of time traveling to and from the gym. Working out from home takes less time, but you’ll lose the trainer. The new Tempo exercise system wants to give you the best of both worlds—at home exercise with machine-learning driven suggestions to correct your form.
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