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Everything You Need to Know About Hulu

Everyone has heard of Hulu—but how many people really know all the benefits it offers? It has advantages and disadvantages like any other streaming platform, but Hulu is one of the most impressive. The service has plenty of cost-effective features that nearly any subscriber is sure to love.

Canceling Amazon Prime Just Got Easier, but Not in the US

Thanks to the European Commission, Amazon customers in the EU can now cancel a Prime membership with just two clicks. Additionally, the cancellation process is now free of “distracting information” and small, hidden buttons. But Amazon doesn’t seem interested in bringing these changes to the United States.

Govee and Razer Will Light Up Your PC Life

A collaboration between Govee and Razer just makes sense. That’s why select Govee smart lighting products, including the popular Neon Rope lights, now feature Razer Chroma RGB compatibility. You just need a Chroma-compatible game, the Razer Synapse 3 software, and the Govee Desktop App.

Amazon Prime Members Get Free Grubhub+ for a Year

Amazon Prime members can now redeem a year of Grubhub+ for free. This service, which usually costs $10 a month, waives delivery fees on Grubhub orders of $12 or more (at participating restaurants). It’s a killer benefit, and if you order a ton of food, it could save you hundreds of dollars.

Google Pixel’s Next Update Is Timely Yet Late

The slow trickle of new At a Glance features are always keeping Pixel owners on the edge of their seat. But an upcoming “Cross Device Timer” could take the smart widget a whole new level—soon, At a Glance will show you a countdown for timers made on Nest Hubs and other Google Assistant devices.

Check Out This Drag Racing VW Beetle EV

While it may sound a bit odd, people really like to convert old VW Beetles into electric drag-racers. The practice goes back twenty years, and back in 2011, two brothers shocked the world with their Black Current III electric Beetle. Now they’re back with an even more ridiculous car, the “V8-killing” Black Current IV.

ASUS’ New Wireless Earbuds Can Convert to Wired Listening

Wireless headphones are convenient, but they’re rarely the best option for gamers. Even the best Bluetooth audio codecs come with a bit of latency, and if you want to game without laggy audio, you have to deal with a drop in sound quality. The solution, at least in ASUS’ eyes, may be simpler than you expect.
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