Who Cares If You Click an Ad If It’s What You Searched For

Google recently made a change to how it displays (and differentiates) ads from organic results in search. With this change, ads become slightly more indistinguishable from other results, which has some people up in arms. But I submit a question: does it really matter if it still takes you where you need to go?

The Best Smart Bulbs for Any Smart Home Setup

Smart bulbs are cheap and easier to use than ever before. They can also change your home more dramatically than more expensive smart devices. We’ve selected the best smart bulbs you can get right now, including two budget options that are rocking the smart-home world.

Google Heard the Complaints About Search Ads and Will Test Changes

Recently, Google made a change to its search results that led to an outcry from some sectors of the internet. The company added favicons to organic search results, and the word “ad” in bold to any ad generated results. For some, the change felt like an effort to “trick users into clicking ads.” Now Google has heard those complaints and test changes to address the issue.

Android’s Upcoming Nearby Sharing Feature Uses Apple’s AirDrop for Inspiration

It’s getting harder to tell the difference between iOS and Android. Sure, they have different “skins” if you will, but the feature set is mostly the same. Either way, you’ll get similar notification shades, night-mode photography, and even gesture-based keyboards. One advantage Apple still has is AirDrop, which is file sharing made easy. But that’s going to change thanks to an upcoming “Nearby Sharing” feature.
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