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Why Your Smart Home Needs a Wi-Fi 6 Router

If you have dozens of Wi-Fi devices in your smart home, you might have noticed the network getting slower and slower. You might have upgraded to a mesh system and still struggled to keep everything running. That’s because most smart devices now cause network congestion, and there’s only one good solution—a Wi-Fi 6 router.

Microsoft’s “Ignite” VR Event Spiraled Into a Virtual Burning Man Festival

Microsoft’s Ignite conference is underway, and this year it held the event’s keynote address in Virtual Reality. Alex Kipman, the man behind Kinect and HoloLens, spent most of the keynote addressing the audience in hologram form and showing off Microsoft’s new Mixed Reality Mesh concept. What came next is something beyond words and description. Thankfully, we have the video too.

DJI’s New FPV Drone Lets You Pilot With Flight Vision Goggles

There’s a growing “do it yourself” category of drones that give you a first-person view (FPV) of your drone flying in the world of drones. Mount a camera, set up a radio transmitter, and beam the drone’s video to some goggles, and you’ll feel like you’re flying. DJI’s latest $1,300 drone does all the hard work for you and even includes the goggles and remote.

PlayStation Store to Stop Selling and Renting Videos On August 31st

Due to the growth of “subscription-based and ad-based” streaming services, Sony’s PlayStation Store will stop selling and renting videos on August 31st, 2021. The company says that, after the August 31st deadline, existing users can still access their purchased movies and TV shows on PlayStation consoles and mobile devices.


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Arlo’s Essential Indoor Camera Automatically Covers Its Lens For Your Privacy

On the one hand, security cameras in the home are great for peace of mind and knowing your home is secure even when you’re away. On the other hand, indoor cameras can feel like an invasion of privacy without proper controls. Arlo’s new $99 Essential Indoor Camera promises precisely that with an automatic privacy shield. You can pre-order it today and get a complimentary three-month Arlo Smart Subscription.

The Google Pixel Recorder App Can Now Back Up Audio to the Cloud for Sharing

Google likes to add new and exclusive features to Pixel phones, and the latest feature drop just arrived. Now, Pixel phones can backup audio recording to a new site that adds transcription and sharing features. If you have the Kraken Sports’ underwater case, you can use Pixel’s excellent camera for your underwater photos. And Pixel phones get new bedtime features, wallpapers, and more.

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Will Beam to Paramount+ Before Nickelodeon

Last summer, we told you about an upcoming animated Star Trek: Prodigy show designed for kids. Later we found out Kate Mulgrew would reprise her role as Kathryn Janeway, guiding a lost set of misfits trapped on an abandoned Star Fleet ship. But while the show was supposed to debut on Nickelodeon, that just changed. Now it will arrive on Paramount+ before heading to Nick.

Walmart’s 2-Hour Delivery No Longer Requires a $35 Minimum

Forget an ingredient for your dinner recipe but don’t feel like going to the store? Walmart just announced that its Express delivery option no longer requires a $35 minimum in order for users to qualify for a smaller delivery order. The move now makes Walmart a stronger competitor against Amazon’s Prime Now option.
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