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Framework’s Repairable, Upgradable Laptop Is Available for Pre-Order

As the Right to Repair movement continues to gain steam, a startup called Framework is opening pre-orders for its repairable, upgradable, modular laptop. Starting at $999 (or $750 if you choose the DIY option), Framework will begin shipping its 13.5-inch notebook at the end of July, though supply shortages may push delivery dates back a bit.

Amazon Prime Lands WNBA Multi-Year Streaming Deal

Today Amazon continued its descent into live sports coverage and announced a multi-year deal with the Woman’s National Basketball Association that’ll stream several games live on Prime Video. This follows a deal with the NFL for Thursday Night Football and Premier League soccer.

Waymo and Cruise Take First Step Toward Autonomous Taxis In San Francisco

You know that friend who talks about moving to California but never goes through with it? Well, Waymo and Cruise are finally putting their money where their mouth is. After years of planning, the autonomous rideshare companies have both applied for permits to deploy their self-driving vehicles for controlled taxi and delivery services in San Francisco, according to a report by Reuters.

Target Stops Selling Pokémon Cards, Citing Violent Nerds

After a month of chaos, Target is pulling a dangerous product and potential liability from its shelves—Pokémon cards. Customers can rest easy knowing that Pokémon, NFL, MLB, and NBA trading cards, which have sparked fistfights and elaborate heists across the world, are now an online-only fare.

The Best Online Banks and Budgeting Tools to Replace Simple

If you bank with Simple, you’re likely still reeling over the news that it’s shutting down. You’re also probably searching frantically for a good alternative to the online banking service before it does. We’ve done the research and found several options for both online banking services and budgeting tools, so hopefully you can find something that’s a good fit.
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