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Why Trump’s TRUTH Social Platform Will Probably Get Hacked Right Away

Trump Media and Technology Group just announced TRUTH Social, a rival platform to Twitter, Facebook, and all of the other Big Tech giants. But like other specialized social media platforms, TRUTH will be a target for hackers, and it could leave your private info exposed. We’re not just speculating here—TRUTH Social has already been compromised, and it’s not even out yet!

This Prototype Lunar Electric Motorcycle Wants to Help NASA on the Moon

Lunar vehicles like the Perseverance Rover have done some incredible things, but it’s too small to carry people. Then, bigger Lunar rovers are often large, heavy, 4-wheeled electric vehicles that take up a lot of space. However, a German motorcycle design company named Hookie has a new electric motorcycle it hopes to drive on the moon one day.

Check Out These Affordable ‘Missile Command’ Arcade Cabinets

Of all the classic Atari games, Missile Command might be my favorite. That’s why I’m excited to see New Wave Toys open pre-orders for its affordable Missile Command cabinets, which faithfully replicate the look and feel of the classic arcade machine (and a rare pre-production unit) at a tabletop-friendly 1/6th scale.

The 6 Best True Wireless Earbuds of 2021

True wireless earbuds are the perfect audio accessory, as they don’t tether you to a headphone jack. You can use them at the gym, at work, while gaming, and during your commute. Some earbuds offer additional features, like wireless charging and hands-free access to your voice assistant.

Google Takes a Big Step Toward the Unified Smart Home Future

Just months after announcing its commitment to Matter, the unified smart home standard, Google is launching a set of tools to help developers integrate Matter with their products. It’s a big step toward a future where smart devices work with any app or assistant, even if they come from rival companies.

Apple’s iPhone SE 3 Could Kill the Home Button Once and For All

Most reports believe the new iPhone SE 3 coming in 2022 would be a rather dull update, sticking with the same small display and TouchID home button as previous models. However, this week a new leak is saying something different, claiming Apple will opt for an iPhone XR-like design with a huge display and ditch the home button for good.

The Best Tech Gifts from $100-$200 for Holiday 2021

The holidays are fast approaching but don’t fret—techy gadgets are always a winning gift idea, even for that person who has everything. If there’s someone special in your life that you want to splurge $100-200 on, there’s a fantastic selection of gifts here to choose from.


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Surface Duo 2 Hands On: A Better First Impression

Last year I took the original Surface Duo out of the box and marveled at how it looked and felt in hand. And then ruined that impression by turning on. But it’s a new year, and now I have the Surface Duo 2 in my hands, and good news! It isn’t failing epically. At least not yet.

TCL’s First 5G Tablet Undercuts Apple and Samsung

If you’re like me, then you want a tablet that’s still useful when you’re out of the house and away from any Wi-Fi connections. But adding 5G to an iPad or Samsung tablet costs an extra $200. That’s why TCL and Verizon teamed up to make the new TAB Pro 5G, a $400 Android tablet that supports Verizon’s ultra-fast mmWave 5G system.

This New LEGO ‘Home Alone’ Set Looks Amazing, Unlike the Disney+ Remake

Right in time for the holidays and much to the delight of every Home Alone fan, LEGO has officially announced the all-new LEGO Ideas ‘Home Alone’ brick set,¬†and it looks fantastic. So, instead of watching the new Disney+ remake ‘Home Sweet Home Alone’ coming next month, which honestly doesn’t look great, defend the¬†McCallister home yourself with LEGO.
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