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Brick or Treat! These 9 LEGO Sets Make for Perfect Halloween Treats

Lego ghost halloween. Theme Halloween background
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Halloween is nearly here, and LEGO makes it easy to celebrate the fun season with its creative and spooky themed sets. Whether you’re looking for a complicated build that’ll take you a week to complete or something simple for your kids, these are the best Halloween LEGO sets.

We found a thrilling variety of options, including some from the LEGO Creator and BrickHeadz lines, which are sure to enthrall kids and adults alike. And while there are a few pricey builds included in our list, we also included some inexpensive sets for those who want to snag up a few of them without breaking the bank.

Haunted House

LEGO Haunted House on table in decorated room

What better captures the essence of Halloween than a haunted house? Nothin’, that’s what. This enormous displayable model haunted house measures 18.9 x 22.91 x 4.88 inches and contains a whopping 3,231 LEGO bricks. It features tons of delightful details that builders of all ages can enjoy, like a cursed painting, a free-fall ride, spiderwebs, and haunted doors!

With two hinged components, you can open the haunted house up to see what’s inside or close it when you’re ready to put it on display. You can even use LEGO Powered Up components (sold separately, of course) to control the house’s elevator via the companion app (Android/iOS).

LEGO Haunted House

This detailed set contains over three thousand pieces and several spooky surprises!

BrickHeadz Halloween Owl

LEGO Halloween Owl by two pumpkins

LEGO first announced this themed set back in July (hey, Halloween can be fun all year long), but now is the perfect time to buy it! This Halloween Owl stands on a platform alongside two adorable pumpkins and some Autumn flowers. It stands just over 4.5 inches tall, and the owl can move its wings and rotate. It’s designed for builders ages 8 and up and would look great sitting on your mantle, bookshelf, or table.

LEGO Halloween Owl

With its cute pumpkins and Autumn flowers, this LEGO owl set is absolutely the reason for the season.

Halloween Haunt

LEGO Halloween Haunt set

Sometimes, you just wanna hang out at your local haunt with your favorite ghoul pals. LEGO gets that, so it created a neat Halloween Haunt set. In addition to really setting the scene for your next graveyard hang, LEGO threw in a few pals as well, like a vampire, skeleton, and even spider and rat Minifigures. You’ll be in charge of building a fireplace with black gates, a cauldron, and a pumpkin head. The 145-piece set measures 4 x 6 x 2 inches and is a nice pick for anyone age 7 and up.

LEGO Halloween Haunt

This spooky setting is the perfect place to hang out with ghastly friends.

Bat & Pumpkin

LEGO Bat and pumpkin set

The LEGO Bat & Pumpkin set features two of the season’s most iconic figures and makes them look adorable. You can pose the bat’s wings, feet, ears, and talons for holding the included LEGO pumpkin. This sweet and simple set measures 3 x 7 x 4 inches and contains 156 bricks. The bat and pumpkin can be styled alone or paired with other Halloween sets.

LEGO Bat & Pumpkin

This bat and pumpkin combo are the perfect way to set the scene for your Halloween decor.

BrickHeadz Frankenstein

LEGO BrickHeadz Frankenstein

Alright, this BrickHeadz Frankenstein set is technically Frankenstein’s monster, but it’s still an incredibly cool collectible and worthy of the Halloween Horror Hall of Fame! It also makes for a great gift for anyone who’s a fan of classic horror creatures.

This BrickHeadz model measures 3.6 x 4.8 x 3.1 inches and uses 108 stunning monochrome pieces to achieve a really cool look. We recommend combining it with at least one more Halloween BrickHeadz set to create maximum seasonal spookiness.

LEGO BrickHeadz Frankenstein

Love LEGO? Love classic horror movie creatures? Boy do we have the LEGO set for you.

Halloween Hayride

LEGO Halloween Hayride set with scenery and Minifigures

Hayrides are such a festive Autumn tradition, and this 148-piece LEGO Halloween Hayride set is the perfect way to commemorate it. In it, you’ll get a buildable entrance arch, a vintage tractor, a hay cart, and a variety of other decorative details. You also get a couple of Minifigures: a person wearing a skeleton costume and a tractor driver dressed up like a mummy. It’s almost as much fun as going on an actual hayride!

LEGO Halloween Hayride

Capture the essence of Autumn and of Halloween with this festive set and cute included Minifigures.

Creator Vampire & Bat

LEGO Creator Vampire & Bat set

While it’s no Dracula, this mostly black-and-white LEGO Vampire and Bat set are still plenty terrifying. The vampire features (what else) large fangs along with moveable claws, a vest, bow tie, and billowing black cape. He also has a small pet bat companion with moveable wings (though it might totally be another vampire in disguise—you never know!). The duo measures roughly 4 x 1 x 2 inches and, with 150 pieces even, this emblematic Halloween set is perfect for young kids ages 7 and up.

LEGO Creator Vampire & Bat

With a LEGO vampire and bat on display in your home, you'll have the most stylish Halloween decor in the land!

Halloween Spider and Haunted House

LEGO Halloween Spider and Haunted House set for kids

In what might be the single cutest entry on this list, LEGO knocks it out of the park with this adorable pint-sized Halloween Spider and Haunted House set. This 132-piece set was also announced months ago and is a must-buy for anyone into this season’s spooky decor. It even comes with strings for each build so you can hang them around your house with the rest of your seasonal trinkets.

The set includes a big-eyed spider with poseable legs that stands over two inches tall. There is also a miniature haunted house with cool detailed stickers of cracked brickwork and boarded-up windows. Don’t worry—it’s not quite as daunting as the other LEGO Haunted House on our list, but it’s perfect for kids ages 7 and up.

LEGO Halloween Spider and Haunted House

Swing for cute instead of spooky with this adorable pint-sized duo. It's perfect for kids, decor, and more.

BrickHeadz Halloween Ghost

LEGO BrickHeadz Halloween Ghost

We saved our favorite BrickHeadz building kit for last—the LEGO BrickHeadz Halloween Ghost. The buildable ghost uses transparent blocks at the base to give it a clever floating effect. It also comes with a brick-built Halloween scene that includes a jack-o’-lantern, bat and spider figures, a buildable tombstone, and a few extra critters and elements to further set the scene. The ghost and the rest of this set measure 3 x 1 x 4 inches, and contain 136 pieces in total. Talk about a graveyard smash!

LEGO BrickHeadz Halloween Ghost

This graveyard scene features a tombstone, spiders, bones, and (of course) a gh-gh-gh ghost!

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