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Rocketbook Fusion Review: A Smart Notebook You Can Reuse

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Price: $31

A light blue Rocketbook Fusion notebook is centered on a wooden table.
Sarah Chaney / Review Geek

Picture this: a smart notebook that lets you upload your written notes to your cloud service of choice. And after you write down what you need to, you can erase it and start from a blank slate. Rocketbook’s Fusion journal sounds too good to be true, but I promise it’s not.

The Fusion Notebook has a total of 42 pages, with seven different page styles. Most of the pages are lined or dotted paper, but there’s also a monthly calendar, two weekly calendar pages, and three pages geared toward project or idea tracking. Having these extra pages pretty much means I’ll never need to buy a planner again.

Once you’ve written out everything you need, you can scan the page through the free Rocketbook app (Android/iOS) and upload it to cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, Slack, iCloud, your email address, and more.

With any of Rocketbook’s notebooks, you have to use Pilot’s Frixion writing utensils. It only takes about 15 seconds for ink from the Frixion pens, markers, or highlighters to dry and bond to the Rocketbook’s pages. Once you don’t need those notes or plans anymore, you can wipe the page clean with a damp microfiber cloth (included).

Some Pens/Markers Work Better Than Others

A rocketbook fusion smart notebook is showing what different pens and markers look like by writing the same sentence over and over again.
Sarah Chaney / Review Geek

I’m not usually a huge fan of ballpoint pens because I dislike how they bleed and smudge on traditional paper. So when I first got my Rocketbook, I purchased the Pilot Frixion markers to go with it. While they wrote okay, it was very easy for the writing to fade and sometimes completely erase just from the heat of my fingertips or arm.

Your purchase of a Rocketbook, whether you go with the larger Letter size or the smaller Executive size, comes with one Pilot Frixion gel ink pen that’s very similar to ballpoint pens. This seemed to write okay, so I purchased a whole pack of Frixion gel ink pens.

The gel ink pens are amazing. They’re so much better than the markers, and once the ink dries, it doesn’t really come off at all unless you use water and the microfiber cloth. Plus, the colors are more vibrant than the markers.

I haven’t tried out the highlighters yet, but they’re on my list for sure!

The App Is Pretty Awesome

While I haven’t used the app a whole lot yet, the little I’ve seen has impressed me. They have easy-to-follow instructions in a how-to section that help you understand how to use your notebook and the app to their fullest potential.

The app’s best feature (in my opinion, of course) is that you can pre-select a destination for your pages to scan to. There are seven different circled symbols at the bottom of each page in your Rocketbook, like a diamond, a bell, and an apple.

In the app, you can set each of these symbols to be attached to a specific account, like your email, your Google Drive account, etc. Then, if you want your page to upload to a particular location automatically, you can just put an X over the right symbol in your Rocketbook.

Then, in the app settings, you can also toggle on certain Handwriting Recognition features that allow you to search your uploaded documents. So if you’re trying to search through your biology notes for a specific piece of info, you can find it quickly as long as you remember at least a word or two. You can toggle on Smart Lists, too, which will take a list from your Rocketbook and turn it into a virtual checklist in the app.

The app also has a fun Explore section where you can find all sorts of fun hacks and different ideas on how to use your Rocketbook. In the app, there’s a video on Rocketbook hacks from real teachers, tips for labeling your notes with Smart Tags, and even a blog post listing five games you can play in your notebook. In this section of the app, you can also stay updated with all of Rocketbook’s new products and see if anything catches your eye.

The app is free to download and use. The only in-app purchase available is a link to more Rocketbook notebooks if you find that one isn’t enough.

Bonus: It’s Eco-Friendly!

One of my favorite things about the Rocketbook is that it’s eco-friendly because it’s reusable. You can wipe the pages clean and keep using the journal for pretty much forever. You can even purchase Pilot Frixion gel ink refills, helping you not use as much plastic.

I’m a paper person when it comes to making to-do lists, planning out a grocery list or a budget, or just taking notes on something. I could never get into keeping everything digital, even though that meant going through A LOT of paper every year.

With the Rocketbook, I still get to have that pen-to-paper feel that I love so much, but I don’t have to waste paper to suit my needs. Plus, all my notes spread out across multiple journals will be neat and organized in my Google Drive.

Conclusion: Definitely Try It Out

Considering that many quality, hardcover journals out there today probably cost just as much as a Rocketbook, this is a solid investment. It’s a steal at this price right now.

The gel ink pens bond well to the page and doesn’t smudge, and you can reuse the pages as many times as you want to. As if the eco-friendly aspect wasn’t enough of a selling point, the ability to keep a virtual version of all your calendars, plans, ideas, and to-do lists in a cloud service is just *chef’s kiss*.

Rating: 10/10
Price: $31

Here’s What We Like

  • It's reusable (and therefore eco-friendly)
  • It makes virtually organizing notes and lists super easy
  • The app is well-executed and easy to use

And What We Don't

  • Wish there was one more calendar page
  • Don't use Pilot Frixion markers with it

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