The Best Novelty Ice Cube Molds For Quirky Cocktails And Drinks

Ice cube molds don’t have to be the same old tried and tested format to be worth purchasing. We’ve checked out the best quirky novelty ice cube molds out there for the perfect Christmas gift.

We already looked at the best practical ice molds available for those that take their drinks super seriously, but how about if you just want something fun for the holidays? Or to form molds for your own homemade chocolate or ice cream? There’s a whole wealth of great options out there, so we’ve picked out some of our favorites. Sure a perfect sphere might be the best way to scientifically cool your drink without watering it down… but it lacks the character of a bunch of Darth Vader heads or U

Don’t forget to pop them out of the tray carefully so their unique shape doesn’t get damaged along the way. Running a little warm water across the back of the mold goes a long way towards wiggling them free with the more delicate features intact.

Set of 8 Star Wars Silicone Ice Trays ($23)

Who doesn’t love Star Wars? This set of 8 Star Wars Silicone Ice Trays has shapes resembling the Millennium Falcon, R2-D2, a Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, and the Death Star. My personal favorite? Han Solo in ice form rather than carbonite.

3D Skull Flexible Silicone Ice Cube Mold Tray ($12)

Nothing says festive cheer like an ice cube shaped like a skull. Ok, so this 3D Skull Flexible Silicone Ice Cube Mold Tray might suit Halloween more so than Christmas but if your loved one likes something a little different and less cutesy to their ice cubes, then this is the ideal solution.

The tray forms four giant ice skulls of 2.36 inches in size, so they’ll melt good and slow in your drink. They look pretty impressive too.

Cat Lover’s Kitty Shaped Silicone Ice Cube Tray ($12)

Shaped like a giant cat, the WHAT ON EARTH Cat Lover’s Kitty Shaped Silicone Ice Cube Tray has room for nine different cat shaped cubes. Each cat is performing a different pose, which is sure to add to the appeal for cat fans. We assume these cats won’t be as aloof towards you as the real thing.

WHAT ON EARTH Unicorn Ice Cube Tray ($15)

A lot like the cat version above, the WHAT ON EARTH Unicorn Ice Cube Tray focuses on unicorn shapes. This time around, each unicorn looks the same as the last but it’s a great shape depicting the iconic fabled creature. With unicorns all the rage at the moment, this is perfect for a child obsessed with the horned horse.

Lekue Penguin Ice Cube Tray ($9)

Penguins are adorable any time of the year, but even more so when it’s Christmas time. The Lekue Penguin Ice Cube Tray offers 12 penguin shaped molds to form some great looking ice cubes. They look really cute, even more so if you line up all 12 penguins in a row.

Tuscom Halloween Yeti Novelty Ice Cube Tray Mold ($4)

The Tuscom Halloween Yeti Novelty Ice Cube Tray Mold might have Halloween in the name but we’re fairly convinced that a yeti works just as well in the winter as it does at Halloween. Regardless, this is a fun and budget priced ice cube mold. The tray only makes 6 small yeti shaped ice cubes, but that’s perfect for a few drinks. They look like little mini action figures which makes them all the better.

Fairly Odd Novelties Smile Teeth Denture Shape 4 Ice Cube Tray ($6)

The idea of drinking from a glass containing actual dentures is rightfully disgusting, but how about one containing ice cubes shaped like dentures? The perfect gift for someone with a twisted sense of humor, the Fairly Odd Novelties Smile Teeth Denture Shape 4 Ice Cube Tray has room for 4 teeth denture shaped ice cubes, so two mouths worth, basically. Try to avoid using it on people who get grossed out fast.

Witty Novelty Tetromino Ice Tray ($9)

Entertaining gamers across the world for many years, you can now play Tetris with your ice cubes. Kind of. The Witty Novelty Tetromino Ice Tray goes some way to making this possible although we’re not convinced you can easily make a Tetris with them. There’s room here for 12 different Tetromino pieces, so give it a try — you might yet form a great example of Tetris here.

Paladone Nintendo Super Mario Ice Cube Tray ($10)

Want some ice cubes that look even more like your favorite games? The Paladone Nintendo Super Mario Ice Cube Tray should scratch that itch. It creates 9 Mario themed ice cubes, including Mario himself, stars, question blocks, mushrooms, coins, and more. They’re a little blocky but they’re still pretty cool.

Fairly Odd Novelties Acoustic/Electric Guitar Ice Cube Tray Mold ($8)

For the music lover, the Fairly Odd Novelties FON-10023 Acoustic/Electric Guitar Ice Cube Tray Mold is pretty awesome. Not least because, unlike other molds here, it also includes plastic stirrers to make the ice cube looks more like a guitar. Those stirrers make it easier to pull the ice cube out of the tray too, without damaging anything. There’s room for 3 guitars, as well as two musical notes.

Batman Ice Cube Tray ($14)

Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman, extends to ice cubes as well as people. This Batman Ice Cube Tray forms 12 Batman logo shaped ice cubes and looks just as cool as you would expect. For the DC or Batman loving member of your family, this is a great stocking stuffer.

Tovolo Heart Ice Molds ($5)

Want to show your love for someone via the medium of ice cubes? The Tovolo Heart Ice Molds can do exactly that. The mold has room for 4 heart shaped ice cubes, so you can slip one into your loved one’s drink as a cute little nod to how you feel about them. Cheesy maybe, but it’s sweet too.

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