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The Best Window Candles For Making Your Home Festive And Cosy

The word "Christmas" spelled out on a frosty window.
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Window candles are a great and classy way of making your home look cosy and festive at this time of year. We’ve looked at the best electric and battery operated window candles out there.

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Now, of course, you can use conventional candles and they’re certainly traditional and warm, but it’s useful to have electric ones too. You don’t have to worry about any fire risk, smoke, or wax melting on top of anything important. Sure, the great smell isn’t there but it’s a small price to pay for safety, especially if you have young children in your home this Christmas.

Here are our favorite window candles for creating the festive spirit in your home.

Enchanted Spaces Set of 10 Flameless White Taper Window Candles

Enchanted candles on a white background.
Enchanted Spaces

The Enchanted Spaces Set of 10 Flameless White Taper Window Candles is a fairly elegant set of white candles. Each candle looks like a traditional looking candle that you might place as a centerpiece at the dinner table, or simply scatter around your living space to create a nice light during the dark evenings.

Each candle requires two batteries so it’s fortunate that the candles switch off automatically after five hours. There’s a remote too so you can easily turn them on or off at your leisure.

Good Tidings LED Christmas Window Christmas Candle with Sensor

An electric candle on a white background.
Good Tidings

Want a simple looking individual candle? Consider the Good Tidings LED Christmas Window Christmas Candle with Sensor. The solitary candle has an antique finish to it, courtesy of the candleholder that looks suitably old fashioned. It’s battery operated but offers an automatic light sensor so it turns on at dusk and off at dawn, saving you the effort of remembering to do it yourself.

The batteries last about 45 days, assuming they’re running for 12 hours each day. There’s a windowsill mounting clip for extra convenience too. If you just want the one candle, this is a delightful option to take.

LB International Electric Sensor Window Candles

Christmas candles on a white background.
LB International

Available as a pack of six, the LB International Electric Sensor Window Candles are a little more modern looking than some here, but they work great. Unlike the others listed, they’re powered via mains electric, courtesy of their five-foot white lead cord. That makes them the perfect candidate to hook up with the Sonoff S31 Smart Plug. If you choose not to though, you can rely on the candles’ sensor to automatically switch off at dawn and turn on at dusk.

The candles are suitably attractive with a neat looking base that keeps them steady on the windowsill, so they’ll look good all year round.

Electric Sensor Window Candle - On at Dusk/Off at Dawn 7 Watt Bulb (Pack of 6)

Keep the Christmas sprit with you for the whole month of December.

9”Flameless Christmas LED Taper Candles Sets

Several electronic Christmas candles mounted on a wall.

If your windowsill isn’t big enough to line up a bunch of candles, or you don’t even have a windowsill, these 9”Flameless Christmas LED Taper Candles Sets let you enjoy a window candle style experience anyway. They have bases that fit neatly on a windowsill but they also have suction cups so you can attach them to your window instead. Held securely to your window, you won’t have to worry about them slipping down any time soon.

The pack of six also includes a remote control so you can set things to your liking. Timers of two hours, four hours, six hours, and eight hours are all available, with the remote working up to five meters away from the candles. Like other candles here, you need two batteries for each candle.

Darice Electric Candle Lamp

Christmas candle on a white background.

Another option for those keen to plug a candle into a mains source rather than rely on battery power, the Darice Electric Candle Lamp is much more like a lamp than other entries here. Unsurprisingly so, given its name. Nine inches tall, it’s cream colored with a gold base.

Darice Electric Candle Lamp

Decorate your home with Christmas elegance.

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