Customize Windows 11’s Wonky Start Menu with Stardock’s Latest App

An Windows 10-styled Start Menu on Windows 11.

After decades of using PCs, the new Windows 11 Start Menu can be a bit inconvenient. No worries—Stardock’s new Start11 app lets you revert back to older versions of the Windows Start Menu, or even customize details like your Start Menu’s position, icon spacing, and transparency.

Start11 entered public beta a few months back, but it’s finally available for general use. The software provides a ton of granular customization tools for Windows 11’s Start Menu and Start button (you can even hide the Search bar), and for those who want a quick fix, it offers a few pre-made Start Menu templates that are better than anything Microsoft has to offer.

And funny enough, Start11 also works on Windows 10! If you can’t upgrade to Microsoft’s latest operating system, you can use Start11 to center the Windows 10 taskbar and pull all kinds of other tricks.

Stardocks’ Start11 app is available now for just $5. If you already down Start8 or Start10, then Stardock may offer you the Start11 upgrade at a discount—although I’m not sure how much cheaper the software can get.

Stardock Start11

Start11 lets you customize the Windows 11 Start Menu to your liking, or even revert back to a classic version of the Start Menu. Download it now for just $5.

Source: Stardock via Thurrott

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