A Bug In the Latest Windows 11 Dev Build Makes Task Bar Icons Enormous


Microsoft slipped a ton of cool features into its latest Windows 11 Insider release, including a Task Bar button that toggles your microphone. But users on the r/Windows11 subreddit report that the new Dev build has some strange bugs—including enormous Task Bar app icons.

As shared by u/Taras_B and verified by other Reddit users, the latest Windows 11 Dev build (22494.1000) inflates the size of Task Bar icons on some PCs. Restarting Windows or the Explorer shell does not resolve this issue, so it may be related to drivers.

I’m sure that some Windows 11 users would appreciate these larger icons. In fact, one of my main complaints with Windows 11 is that the Task Bar icons can’t be resized. Unfortunately, not everyone will run into this bug, which is why customization tools like Start11 exist.

Anyway, the latest Dev build also introduces some keyboard compatibility issues. Users report that their “Scroll Lock” and “Num Lock” keys are unresponsive, and that their keyboard’s backlight acts sporadically instead of lighting up when keys are pressed.

Affected users can roll back to the previous Windows 11 Dev build to resolve these issues. Of course, not all Windows 11 beta testers will encounter the giant Task Bar icons (for better or worse).

Source: u/Taras_B

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