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Adidas’ New Xbox 360 Sneakers Celebrate the Console’s 20th Anniversary


Person wearing the new Adidas Xbox sneakers

Who doesn’t love both basketball and gaming? Whether you’re a veteran sneakerhead or an avid Xbox fan, this fun footwear collaboration from Adidas and Microsoft is the pair to beat! Called the Xbox 360 Forum Mid, the sneakers are available for purchase in the United States and Canada.

The footwear represents a partnership between the two brands as part of a celebration for the 20-year anniversary for the iconic Xbox 360. Microsoft said that the sneakers were “truly designed as a love letter to one of the most iconic consoles in gaming history.” Obviously, the two drew inspiration from the console’s green, white, and silver colors, as well as its bold nostalgic (a la 2005) design. They also come with yellow, blue, green, and red laces (think: the four A, B, X, and Y buttons).

The sneakers also sport a few Easter eggs, which makes them especially fun for anyone who had the pleasure of gaming on the Xbox 360. If you look carefully, you might notice the console’s disc tray design on the shoe’s velcro strap. Or the 360-era button design on the outside of each shoe. There are several other fun details on the shoes as well, but we want you to have the opportunity to stumble upon them yourself should you decide to snag a pair.

The limited release footwear is currently available to buy on Adidas’ site for anyone in either the United States and Canada, but hurry, they won’t be around for long! If the shoes go fast, though, don’t fret. Adidas and Microsoft will be releasing another Xbox-themed pair (albeit one that’s less nostalgic) based on the Xbox Series X on November 15.

Adidas has taken part in a ton of fun collaborations this year with another geeky brand: LEGO. The athletic-wear company created several cool sneakers with LEGO (and, likewise, of course, there’s also a LEGO Adidas shoe). As part of its ongoing celebration of the 20-year anniversary of Xbox, Microsoft also recently collaborated with Krispy Kreme a few months ago, creating this interesting donut.

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