Google Pixel Fold: Everything We Know So Far

A mockup render of the Pixel Fold.
A mockup render of the Pixel Fold. @WaqarKhanHD

As foldable phones continue to grow in popularity, it’s only a matter of time before Google launches its long-awaited Pixel Fold. Early leaks and rumors suggest that Google’s first foldable will be a compelling, competitive device, and it could launch in the coming months! Here’s everything we know about the Pixel Fold so far.

Broad Details: Release Date and Pricing

Release date rumors for the Pixel Fold bubble up every few months, and of course, none of them have come true. But here’s what we know—Google didn’t launch its first foldable with the Pixel 6, so unless Google wants to announce the device in late December (which seems like a poor business decision), it’ll probably launch in 2022.

We have a few facts that could support an early 2022 release. First, our friends at 9to5Google found code in the Google Camera app that states “isPixel2022Foldable.” This may be a coincidence, but it looks like a hint from Google.

There’s also Google’s upcoming Android 12L update, which will improve app performance on tablets and foldables. The Android 12L update will launch in early 2022, which may be the perfect time for a Pixel Fold release.

While we don’t know anything about the Pixel Fold’s pricing, it will probably compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 3, a $1,800 device that regularly goes on sale for about $1,600.

The Design: Well, It Folds!

The Pixel Fold patent.

We know very little about the Pixel Fold’s design. Most concept renders, like the ones used in this article, are based on patents filed by Google over the last year. One patent shows the Pixel Fold with a book-like design, similar to the Galaxy Fold 3. Another patent uses a brochure-style design that folds in two places, oddly enough.

That said, we expect Google to stick with the book-like design. The company is (according to TheElec) ordering 7.6-inch foldable displays from Samsung, and these displays are too small for a brochure-styled phone. (By the way, these are the same 7.6-inch displays that Samsung uses for its Galaxy Fold 3.)

Google’s first foldable could also feature an outer “cover” display, and given the leaked camera specs, we think it may have a flat camera array in place of a chunky camera bump.

The Cameras: Very Promising!

A mockup render of the Pixel Fold.
A mockup render of the Pixel Fold. @WaqarKhanHD

Most foldable phones have disappointing cameras. It’s just a fact of life—and yes, even the Galaxy Fold 3’s cameras fall short of what you get in a traditional phone. But Google could flip the narrative with its Pixel Fold.

When our friends at 9to5Google went datamining in the Google Camera app, they discovered the Pixel Fold’s camera specs. If these specs are accurate, then the Pixel Fold will feature the same 12.2MP main sensor that Google used in its Pixel 3, Pixel 4, and Pixel 5 handsets.

Some people are upset that Google isn’t using the Pixel 6’s 50MP sensor in its first foldable. But it doesn’t need to. Unlike Samsung, which relies on crazy camera hardware to take great photos, Google uses computational photography AI to pull the best pictures from “weak” components.

If the Pixel Fold uses this 12.2MP sensor, it should take photos at a quality that’s comparable to the Pixel 5, which shoots amazing pictures. And that means it will offer the best camera quality of any foldable device.

Again, we think that Google will launch the Pixel Fold alongside Android 12L in early 2022. But until the company comes out and announces something, all we have are leaks and rumors.

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