Wyze Cam Floodlight Is Here, and It Can Power a Second Wyze Cam!

The Wyze Cam Floodlight powering a second Wyze Cam V3.

If the pithy little Wyze Cam Spotlight isn’t powerful enough to illuminate your driveway (it’s definitely not), then the company’s latest product will pique your interest. Meet the Wyze Cam Floodlight, a motion-detecting outdoor security camera with two full-sized LED lamps.

To our surprise, the Cam Floodlight isn’t just a Wyze Cam V3 glued to a big outdoor light. It features an independent motion detector with adjustable sensitivity, an integrated 105db siren, two-way audio support, and oddly enough, a USB port to power a second Wyze Cam V3. (So if you already have an outdoor light at your home, you can replace it with a Cam Floodlight and install a second Wyze Cam V3 without routing a ton of new wires.)

You can adjust Wyze Cam Floodlight's lighting zones in the Wyze app.
You can adjust Wyze Cam Floodlight’s motion zones and sensitivity. Wyze

The Wyze Cam Floodlight’s lamps output a combined brightness of 2,600 lumens, making it an impressive upgrade for existing outdoor lights. And of course, this Cam Floodlight packs all the features you get with a normal Wyze Cam V3—Night Vision, IP65 weather-resistance, local storage; it’s all there!

You can now pre-order the Wyze Cam Floodlight for $100 (that’s $85 plus $15 for shipping). That’s more than twice the price of a standalone Wyze Cam V3, but to be fair, a decent outdoor floodlight with LED bulbs costs around $40. Shipping begins December 2021.

Wyze Cam Floodlight

The Wyze Cam Floodlight features two adjustable LED lamps for a combined brightness of 2,600 lumens, plus a built-in siren and speaker for two-way audio. It can turn on when its camera detects motion within three selectable zones. (You can even adjust sensitivity!)

Source: Wyze

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