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The 9 Best Gifts for Mom for Holiday 2022

Woman gives her mother a gift.

Let’s be honest—moms are hard to buy for. Even if you’re super close with your mom, she probably still says she has everything she wants and doesn’t give you much to work with. But you can’t just get her nothing, so why not go with one of these techy treats she probably doesn’t have already?

Update, 11/4/22: Checked content for accuracy, product availability, and dead links. Updated Fitbits and Google Pixel to current generations.

If the tech she uses every day—like her smartphone or an eReader—isn’t up to date, this is a perfect time to splurge on or upgrade something she probably won’t buy herself. Or, maybe there’s some tech that she doesn’t even know she needs, like a smart display, that’ll make her day-to-day routines a heck of a lot easier. Whatever the case is, we’ve rounded up all the latest useful and fun tech that’ll be perfect for anyone’s mom.

Read Anywhere with an E-Reader: Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite waterproof

If your mom loves to read, the new Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect gift. It can store thousands of different titles and go anywhere with her so she can read around the house, on vacation, or in between running errands. It lasts for up to 10 weeks on a single charge, too, so she won’t have to worry about constantly recharging it even if she uses it every day.

With a 300 ppi glare-free display, the Paperwhite reads just like actual paper, even if you’re outside and the sun is shining down on you. The 6.8-inch display has thinner borders than the previous model and can turn pages about 20% faster. It also has an IPX8 rating, meaning it can be submerged in several feet of water for up to an hour.

Read Anywhere With an E-Reader

Kindle Paperwhite

With its glare-free 300 ppi display, the Kindle Paperwhite reads like real paper and lets you store thousands of titles.

Find New Favorites to Listen To: Audible Gift Card


An Audible subscription is perfect for moms who love books but are too busy to physically sit down and read them (or for those who prefer audiobooks). With a monthly subscription, Audible members receive one credit that they can use for any book in the premium selection to keep permanently in their library.

It’s also nice that you can choose from different amounts and types of credits, making it easy to customize this gift to your holiday budget. Members also have access to thousands of Audible originals, audiobooks, and podcasts.

Not everyone has the time to curl up with a book at the end of the day, no matter how rewarding the experience may be, but Audible makes it easy to keep up with our favorite authors by playing a title in the background while we drive or do chores. It can even sync with your Kindle, picking up where you left off and allowing you to listen to your book until you’re ready to pick it up again on your Kindle.

Find New Favorites to Listen to

Audible Gift Card

In a world where not everyone has the time to read physical books, an Audible subscription makes it easy to stay up to date with your favorite series and authors.

Start Every Day Off Right: Keurig K-Mini

Keurig K-Mini

Keurig’s K-Mini is one of the best individual coffee makers because it doesn’t take up much space and brews the perfect little cup with a K-cup pod. And if you remove the drip tray, you can fit a travel mug up to seven inches tall.

It only has a one-cup reservoir, so you’ll have to add water every time you want coffee, but that just means you can fill your mug with the amount you want and then dump it into the reservoir to make your perfect cup. Plus, if you forget to turn it off, it’ll automatically turn off after 90 seconds to save energy.

Start Every Day Off Right

Keurig K-Mini

Coffee lovers, rejoice. Keurig's K-Mini is adorably compact and brews the perfect-sized cup of coffee.

Keep Track of Health Goals: Fitbit Inspire 3

Fitbit Inspire 3 on a white background.

For the mom who’s active all the time or wants to be more active, the Fitbit Inspire 3 is a great fitness tracker. It can track her daily steps, heart rate, calories burned, and even sleep quality. And because it’s a reasonably simple fitness tracker, the battery lasts for up to 10 days in between charges, so she won’t have to worry about charging it every day.

The Inspire 3 is equipped with Active Zone Minutes tech, which helps monitor how many minutes you spend exercising at your peak, when your heart rate is high, and you’re burning a lot of calories. It’s also water-resistant up to 50 meters, so it can be worn in the pool if swimming is her workout of choice.

If you think she’s looking for more of a smartwatch, check out the Fitbit Versa 4. It can do everything the Inspire 2 can do, but it has a built-in GPS, a larger smart display, and can be used with virtual assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Keep Track of Health Goals

Fitbit Inspire 3

Fitbit's Inspire 3 tracker makes it super easy to take control of health and fitness goals.

Control the Entire Home with a Smart Display: Google Nest Hub or Echo Show 5

Smart home displays including Google nest hub and Amazon echo show 5


Who doesn’t want their home to be smarter? With a smart display, like Google’s Nest Hub or Amazon’s Echo Show 5, it’s easy to have complete control over all devices in the home. Each smart display’s respective voice assistant (Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa) makes it easy to set timers, check the weather, answer random questions, or carry out routines you’ve created.

Plus, because both the Echo Show 5 and the Nest Hub have a touchscreen display, it’s super easy to browse the web or stream content from YouTube or Netflix. And speaking of the screen, you can set up some of your mom’s favorite photos of the family to rotate when the smart display isn’t in use, making her Echo Show 5 or Nest Hub into a digital picture frame.

For Google Homes

Google Nest Hub

For a home full of Google smart devices, the Nest Hub makes it easy to link everything together and make your home more efficient.

For Amazon Homes

Echo Show 5

For Amazon homes, the Echo Show 5 controls compatible smart devices and makes carrying out daily tasks so much easier.

For Much-Needed Noise-Cancellation: Jabra Elite Active 75t

Jabra Elite Active 75t

Everyone loves music, so you can’t go wrong with buying Jabra’s Elite Active 75t earbuds for your mom. These earbuds are equipped with Active Noise Cancellation technology, which helps you tune-out background noise and focus on the music you’re trying to listen to. The buds also have an impressive 24-hour battery life with their charging case, and are compatible with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa.

And if your mom is active and loves regularly working out, the Elite Active 75t buds have an IP57 rating, meaning they are sweatproof and waterproof. They also have a special grip coating to ensure they don’t slip out while you’re working out. You can customize the sound in the Jabra Sound+ app (Android/iOS), making it easy for your mom to personalize her experience.

For Much-Needed Noise-Cancellation

Jabra Elite Active 75t

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The Jabra Elite Active 75t earbuds are equipped with ANC tech and great for on-the-go listening or musical motivation during a tough workout.

Keep Memories on Display: Skylight Frame

Skylight Frame

When you ask your mom what she wants for the holidays, she might say something like, “Oh, I don’t need anything. Just your presence is enough for me.” If she does, this Skylight Frame is the perfect way to give your mom a physical gift that also has sentimental value (and it’ll allow her to enjoy a cute photo of you year-round).

The Frame is simple to plug in and set up, and it has a 10-inch touchscreen display with 1280 x 800 resolution. You attach a single email address to the Frame, and then any photos sent to that email address are then automatically displayed to the Frame. So anyone in your family can send vacation photos or significant moments, like a wedding or a graduation, and your mom will instantly see them displayed on her Skylight Frame.

And if you want to give her an awesome digital picture frame but don’t want to splurge on the Skylight Frame, check out Aluratek’s 8-inch digital Frame. Though the LCD display isn’t a touchscreen, and you’ll need to upload photos manually (via a USB flash drive or an SD card), it’s a heck of a lot more affordable.

Keep Memories on Display

Skylight Frame

By sending a quick email with photos attached, you can put your favorite memories on display with the Skylight Frame.

Never Lose Anything Again: Tile Mate Essentials

Tile Mate Essentials

If your mom is constantly losing things, Tile Mate Essentials are the perfect way to give her a helping hand. This pack comes with two Tile Mates that can attach to a key ring, one Tile Slim that can slide inside a credit card slot in a wallet, and one Tile Sticker that she can attach to a remote.

Then, with the Tile app (Android/iOS), she can easily keep track of everything. If the Tile trackers are within Bluetooth range, you can use the app to find your devices. Or, if you’re too far away from the tracker, the app shows you your Tile’s most recent location, so you at least have a starting point for the search.

Never Lose Anything Again

Tile Mate Essentials

Being forgetful isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it can get annoying. The Tile Mate Essentials kit ensures you'll never lose anything important again.

A New Phone Is Always a Hit: Google Pixel 6a

Google Pixel 6a on a white background.

Your mom probably doesn’t buy herself a new phone as often as she needs to, so why not surprise her with the Google Pixel 6a? It has 5G support, a fantastic battery life, and a beautiful 6.3-inch display. Pixel phones are also known for their outstanding cameras, so if your mom loves taking photos, the Pixel 6a is a great choice.

Plus, for a newer smartphone, it’s pretty affordable. You won’t be splurging over $1000 on the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy device. However, you’ll still be getting your mom a quality smartphone that’s speedy, takes excellent photos, and most importantly, has excellent call quality so she can hear and speak to you clearly whenever you call.

A New Phone Is Always a Hit

Google Pixel 6a

The Pixel 6a may not be Google’s greatest Pixel phone, but it still has impressive specs, takes beautiful pictures, and is affordable.

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