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One Does Not Simply Say No to These ‘Lord Of the Rings’ Keycaps

Lord of the rings keycaps

Fans of The Lord of the Rings and mechanical keyboards received some exciting news recently. If you have a love for the intricate languages that Tolkien created or want to Google search your way to Mordor, you should check out the new LOTR keycap sets from Drop.

In fact, one does not simply say no to these Lord of the Rings keycaps. They’re too precious.

Now, you can bring Tolkien’s fictitious language into your daily life like never before with the Elvish keycap set or the Dwarvish keycap set. And yes, these fit any mechanical keyboard using the Cherry MX system and clones. These come from popular mechanical keyboard designer Matt3o, who has released Elvish options in the past.

These aren’t your standard keycaps, either. No, these are officially licensed keycaps built to last thanks to PBT plastic and dye-sublimated legends. To make things even more exciting, buyers can choose from “training” versions if you’re trying to learn the language or don’t want to type too slow, or grab the “hardcore” kits that are purely in Elvish or Dwarvish.

Lord of the Rings mechanical keycaps

If you’re leaning toward the elves, the Elvish keycap set is based on Tengwar, a language created by JRR Tolkien used to write Sindarin. As you can see, the keys look stunning with a lovely color palette, crisp lettering, and even words like Shift or Print Screen have the specific corresponding translations. It’s pretty impressive, really.

As expected, the Dwarvish keycap set uses Cirth, another one of the many languages from the world of Middle-earth. Plus, there’s also a slew of excellent novelty keys featuring iconography from Middle-earth, including Eye of Sauron escape keys, One Ring-branded command keys, broken daggers, and more.

Unfortunately, the designer wanted to offer a third set but had to abandon that plan at it wasn’t feasible. Yes, of course, we’re talking about a collection of the dark language spoken by orcs of Mordor, the Black Speech. Sadly, there wasn’t enough information to create an entire keyboard.

Each set comes in two difficulty levels and will run you $100. Additionally, fans can choose add-ons, including an Elvish Numpad and several extra key pieces to make a custom, one-of-a-kind keyboard.

Preorders for the new keycap sets are available now, but they won’t start shipping until January 2022. So grab yours from the link below.

Drop + The Lord of The Rings Dwarvish Keycaps

Bring out your inner LOTR side with these custom keycaps for $100.

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