Check Out This Custom Mechanical Keyboard Type Cover for Surface Tablets

The custom mechanical keyboard type cover on a Surface tablet.

Tired of using the weird and wobbly Surface type cover? A user on the r/3Dprinting subreddit is showing off a custom mounting system that attaches a wireless mechanical keyboard (the Keychron K6, to be specific) to the Surface Pro 7. Don’t take this thing to a library, please.

Reddit user u/ikenbe, who designed this mounting system, used some basic YouTube tutorials to design and print the hinges for this adapter. “Some magnets are involved” in the build, says u/ikenbe, but the keyboard itself is connected to the Surface Pro tablet over Bluetooth (as opposed to the built-in Smart Connector).

Designed a new keyboard case for the Surface Pro to use on my laps from 3Dprinting

The mechanical keyboard type cover is also missing a trackpad, and it’s a bit thick. But crazed mechanical keyboard fans tend to carry around a lot of stuff anyway, including mice, so the design of this type cover really isn’t as impractical as it looks.

While u/ikenbe hasn’t uploaded the Fusion 360 files for this build to GitHub, they are responding to questions on their Reddit thread. If you’re big on mechanical keyboards and own a Surface tablet, it’s time to reach out and ask for some build files.

Source: u/ikenbe

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