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Joby Kicks Off GorillaPod Giveaway, Announces “GorillaFeet”

A betting wheel full of Joby products.

If you’ve ever wanted one of Joby’s flexible tripods, now’s the time to get one for free. Joby is running a Black Friday giveaway with opportunities to win a ton of free items, including GorillaPod kits, fanny packs, and coupons. The company is also launching GorillaPod Custom, a line of flexible tripods with swappable “GorillaFeet.”

To enter Joby’s Black Friday giveaway, simply visit the company’s website, click the lotto wheel, and enter your email address. You will win one of the following prizes:

  • GorillaPod Custom 1K Kit: $54.95 Value
  • GripTight PRO 2 Custom GorillaPod: $84.95 Value
  • GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit: $199 Value
  • Bum Bag: $69.95 Value
  • 20% off JOBY.com
  • 30% off JOBY.com
  • 50% off GorillaFeet
  • Free Lightstream Subscription for 30-Days

Joby plans to give away $1 million in prizes by December 6th, and it’s being very generous with its prizes (multiple Review Geek writers won tripods), so enter now for a chance to win. Sadly, this giveaway is exclusive to customers in the United States and United Kingdom.

GorillaFeet: Oh This Is WEIRD

The GorillaPod Custom 1K with Duck GorillaFeet
Uhhhhhhhh Joby

Two items included in Joby’s Black Friday giveaway are the new GorillaPod Custom 1K and GorillaPod PRO 2 Custom. They’re both mini tripods with flexible legs, but for whatever reason, they also have swappable “GorillaFeet.”

GorillaFeet screw into the legs of your GorillaPod Custom to make it look ridiculous. That seems to be the general idea, at least. Some GorillaFeet are very simple, while others look like duck feet or suction cups. (The boring GorillaFeet cost $10, while the duck feet and suction cups cost $20 and $25, respectfully.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to practice a bit of self-restraint. I won a GorillaPod Custom in Joby’s giveaway and I’m trying my best not to buy the stupid duck feet.

Joby Black Friday Giveaway

Enter Joby’s Black Friday giveaway for a chance to win free tripods, bags, coupons, and other goods. This giveaway ends December 6th, so take advantage of it now!

Joby GorillaPod Custom 1K Kit

The Joby GorillaPod Custom 1K features flexible legs and a standard tripod mount for small cameras or phone adapters. It also has three swappable “GorillaFeet,” you know, for kicks.

Joby GorillaFeet Duck Feet

Screw these $20 duck feet on your GorillaPod Custom to finally feel at peace with the world.

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