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The Best Gifts for Movie Fans for Holiday 2022

the best gifts for movie lovers including the BenQ TK800M 4K Projector, a fandango gift card, and the cinephile card game

If the person you’re trying to buy a gift for this holiday season loves movies, capitalize on it! By getting them a gift that’s movie-specific, they’ll know you put some thought into it and be happy to have some new stuff to fuel their film addiction.

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Whether you want to enhance their TV setup at home with LED backlights and a soundbar, provide ample movie snacks, or just let them embrace their inner film nerd with a neat movie-themed card game, we’ve got you covered.

Get Movie Theater Sound: VIZIO V-Series Soundbar and Subwoofer

VIZIO - 2.1-Channel V-Series Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer and Dolby AudioDTS VirtualX

When you see a movie in a theater, the two most impressive and immersive features are the large screen and the booming sound. While not everyone can invest in a massive TV or screen for a dedicated media room, there are still ways that you can improve your TV audio experience for a reasonably affordable price.

This V-Series set from VIZIO comes with a soundbar and a subwoofer to help capture all the highs and lows during your movie. Inside the soundbar, there are two full-range speakers at a 96dB sound pressure level. Then, you can place the wireless subwoofer anywhere in the room for deep bass notes. You can even use Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant to control the system.

Get Movie Theater Sound

VIZIO V-Series Soundbar and Subwoofer

With VIZIO’s V-Series Soundbar and Subwoofer set, your movies will sound incredible.

For Better Lighting: Govee Immersion

Govee Immersion TV LED Backlights with Camera

Did you know that having lights behind your TV makes the picture look better? More importantly, they look really cool. Govee’s Immersion Backlights come with 12 pre-installed scene modes and two video modes; likewise, you can opt to choose from a variety of different colors for each strip light segment to make it fit your setup.

The Immersion kit is also smart, using the included 1080p intelligent camera to detect onscreen color and automatically match your backlights to it. You can use a virtual assistant– like Alexa or Google Assistant– or the Govee Home app (Android/iOS) to control the lights. Having these smart LED lights behind your TV will automatically make your home movie experience a thousand percent more immersive.

For Better Lighting

Govee Immersion

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Govee's Immersion Backlights put some fancy LED strips behind your TV, making your TV colors look crisp and your room look modern.

For Theater Style Popcorn: West Bend Popcorn Machine

West Bend Hot Oil Theater Style Popcorn Popper Machine
West Bend

Movies and popcorn. It’s a classic combination, and having this theater-style popcorn machine from West End will make your movie nights feel more glamorous and exciting. It only takes four ounces of popcorn kernels to pop about five to six servings of popcorn—plenty for the whole family.

West End has nearly perfected the stirring technology so that there are virtually no unpopped kernels left behind. The kettle inside is also removable and non-stick, so cleaning in between uses is super easy.

For Theater Style Popcorn

West Bend Popcorn Machine

Is it really movie night if there's no popcorn? This popcorn machine from West End is fun to look at and produces plenty for the whole family.

A Variety of Snacks: Deluxe Movie Night Gift Box

Various candies and snacks you would typically buy in a movie theater.
Stay at Home Snacks

Sometimes popcorn just isn’t enough for movie night. If you know someone who needs a combo of sweet and salty goodness to snack on during their movies, buy them this Deluxe Movie Night Gift Box. There are peanuts, Cracker Jacks, Skittles, Oreos, and a whole slew of other foods packed inside this box of goodies.

There’s also a Redbox rental code inside, so the movie’s covered, too!

A Variety of Snacks

Deluxe Movie Night Gift box

You can never have enough movie snacks, and pretty much everyone's taste preference is covered in this sweet and salty variety pack.

A Fun Card Game: Cinephile

cinephile movie trivia card game

The perfect card game doesn’t exist. Well, maybe it does for movie lovers. Cinephile includes 150 cards, and there are multiple different party games you can play with them. Each game also has three different difficulty levels, including Movie Geek (easy), Film Nerd (intermediate), and Cinephile (expert), so it’s fun for both beginners and major movie nerds alike.

In addition to the multiple difficulty levels, Cinephile also offers different games you can play through. One way to play includes you and your opponent naming films for the actor card until one of you can’t think of any more. Or, you could also play a game where two cards are drawn, and your goal is to connect the two actors in six moves or less.

And hey, if none of the game modes strike your fancy, you can always create your own. There are endless possibilities here.

A Fun Card Game


Cinephile is the perfect card game for movie lovers, and there are so many different ways to play.

Keep Your Memories: Ticket Shadow Box

A ticket shadow box half-filled with ticket stubs.

This neat shadow box is the perfect way to show off all of your movie stubs. Many of us love to collect movie stubs but don’t end up displaying them the way they deserve. Then, they end up crumpled or faded in a random junk drawer or under the bed somewhere.

Giving movie stubs a proper home ensures that they’ll stay intact and legible, letting you reflect on your movie experiences for years to come instead of going, “What movie does this say?” There’s even a pre-installed hook on the back, so it’s ready to be proudly displayed on a wall in your home theater.

Keep Your Memories

Ticket Shadow Box

A shadow box is such a cool way to show off your movie stubs and keep them from getting lost in your clutter.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Gift Cards: Fandango Gift Card

Fandango 25 dollar gift card

A Fandango gift card is the perfect choice for someone who’s picky to buy for. When you know someone loves movies, but you’re not sure whether they’ll love anything physical, this is the best option. You’re gifting them an experience that they can customize. And it works for thousands of different theaters, so there’s sure to be one near your recipient.

Get Insight from Amazing Directors: The Film That Changed My Life: 30 Directors on Their Epiphanies in the Dark

the book titled The Film That Changed My Life 30 Directors on Their Epiphanies in the Dark by robert elder
Robert Elder

For cinephiles, and especially for people interested in a career in the film industry, this book by Robert Elder is a fantastic read. The Film That Changed My Life takes a look at 30 directors and which movies inspired them to direct.

It’s fun to learn which movies got the gears turning in famous directors’ heads and hear them talk about iconic movies from a director’s perspective. A few of the directors featured in this book include John Woo, Peter Bogdanovich, Michel Gondry, and Kevin Smith.

Get Insight From Amazing Directors

The Film That Changed My Life: 30 Directors on Their Epiphanies in the Dark

For the person who loves books and movies, this is a perfect combination of the two; and if someone is interested in the film industry, this book is super insightful.

Watch Movies on the Big Screen, At Home: BenQ TK800M 4K Projector

BenQ - TK800M 4K DLP Projector with High Dynamic Range

To bring the big-screen experience home, you’ll either need an expensive media room or a slightly less expensive projector and screen combo. BenQ’s TK850i projector has 4K UHD technology that’ll help minimize pixel blurring, making the image crisper and the colors more vivid.

This projector provides a whopping 3000 lumens of brightness, an excellent contrast ratio that helps blacks stay rich, and even a built-in 5W speaker. Though for better sound, you can connect external speakers to the 3.5mm audio-out port or use a Bluetooth adapter to connect them via Bluetooth.

BenQ’s projector doesn’t come with a screen, so you’ll need to purchase that separately. Elite Screens has a pull-down projector screen that’s 120-inches and has a 80-degree viewing angle, so no matter where you sit, you’ll have a good view.

Or, if you want to save a little money and get a projector/screen combo, check out Optoma’s HD28HDR 1080p projector; you’ll sacrifice quality, going from 4K resolution to 1080p, but also save quite a bit of money.

Watch Movies on the Big Screen, At Home

BenQ TK850i True 4K HDR-PRO

A projector helps you bring the theater experience to your home. Pair it up with an incredible sound system and a screen for the whole shebang.

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