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This Convenient Google Assistant Feature Is Broken on Pixel 6 and Pixel 5

Pixel 6 with the Google Assistant logo.

Continued Conversation is one of Google Assistant’s best and most convenient features. When enabled, it lets Google intelligently listen for follow-up questions, creating a conversational dynamic that’s faster than repeatedly squawking “hey Google.” But over a week ago, Continued Conversation stopped working on the Pixel 6 and older models of Pixel phone—and there’s no fix.

This problem was first reported by 9to5Google on November 16th, but it’s been circulating around the r/GoogleAssistant and r/Pixel_Phones subreddits since November 7th. Pixel owners say that Continued Conversation just stopped working on their phone one day, though the feature is still working on Samsung devices, OnePlus phones, Nest speakers, and other hardware.

While most users report seeing this problem on Pixel 6 and Pixel 5 handsets, we’ve come across a few complaints of Continued Conversation not working on Pixel 4-series phones. Older models of Pixel never got the feature, so they remain unaffected.

Unfortunately, we’re not sure if this is a software problem or a server-side issue. The Google app has gone through several updates since November 7th, which would seem to suggest that servers are to blame, though it’s possible that Google introduced this problem with an update and simply hasn’t fixed it yet.

If Continued Conversation isn’t working on your Pixel device, then you’re SOL for the time being. Restarting your phone or toggling the Continued Conversation feature in Settings won’t bring it back to life. Let’s see how fast Google can address this issue while juggling and all the other Pixel problems it’s run into this month.

Source: 9to5Google, r/GoogleAssistant

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