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The 6 Best Screen Protectors for the Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch is an innovative gaming console, and with a $300 price tag, it’s worth protecting. One of the best ways to protect your Switch is with a screen protector, which will help safeguard the handheld console from scratches and cracks, and potentially extend its life.

There are a few other ways you can protect your gaming investment too. If you travel a lot with your Switch, you should invest in a hard carrying case, which will protect your Switch from drops and bumps. Then, you can also purchase a slim protective case to go around your Switch while you’re using it, just like a phone case.

What to Look For in a Switch Screen Protector

A screen protector for any device, whether the Nintendo Switch or your smartphone, is one of those gaming accessories that you might not put much research into. But there are a few key things to keep an eye out for when making your decision. Here’s everything you need to look for:

  • Tempered Glass vs. Plastic: When comparing these two screen protector materials, tempered glass typically wins every battle. Tempered glass screen protectors are more durable and have special features like an oleophobic coating and a surface hardness rating. The only good reasons for buying a plastic screen protector is if you want an extra protector to go over a tempered glass protector or if you want an officially licensed protector from Nintendo.
  • Surface Hardness: Companies use Mohs Hardness Scale to determine the surface hardness of their screen protectors. This scale rates hardness levels with certain minerals, with talc at the bottom (1H) and diamond at the top of the scale (10H). Tempered glass screen protectors typically have a surface hardness of 9H. All this means is that the screen protector can resist scratches from keys or knives and not make much of an impact, if any, on the protector.
  • Oleophobic Coating: Most, but not all, tempered glass screen protectors have something known as an oleophobic coating on the exterior layer of the screen protector. This coating helps reduce the appearance of natural oils, like those from our fingerprints, and makes the screen extremely resistant to fingerprint smudges. It also makes the protector super easy to clean if you do happen to smudge it.
  • Coverage & Transparency: You’ll want to make sure the screen protector you choose covers your entire Switch screen. Edge-to-edge coverage is typically how you’ll see this feature advertised, and the reason you want it is so you can barely tell there’s even a screen protector on your Switch. And with three models of the handheld console on the market—the 2017 Switch, the Switch Lite, and the new OLED Switch—make sure the screen protector you buy is for your specific Switch model. Pay attention to the transparency percentage as well, because what good is edge-to-edge coverage if you can’t see your games through the tinted screen?
  • Easy to Install: Installing a screen protector may seem like an easy process, but it can be difficult to line it up just right. Look into whether the retailer includes a set of instructions to help you out and read other people’s reviews on how easy it was to install. Then, some screen protectors could leave a nasty residue when it comes time to switch it out or otherwise be difficult to take off. So make sure not just the first install is a seamless process, but all further replacement installations.

Best Overall: amFilm Glass Screen Protector for 2017 Switch

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch 2017 (2-Pack)

This Switch screen protector from amFilm is made of tempered glass that’s 0.33mm thick, so you won’t even notice it’s there. Despite being so thin, the protector is durable and scratch-resistant, with a surface hardness of 9H.

This protector has an oleophobic coating and is 99.9% transparent, too, so you won’t notice any difference between how your games look without it on versus with it on (or any fingerprints). You’ll get two screen protectors, a microfiber cleaning cloth, wet wipes, and a squeeze card to help press out any bubbles that may pop up while installing the protector on your 2017 Switch.

Best Overall

amFilm Glass Screen Protectors for 2017 Switch

For most people, amFilm's screen protector is the perfect addition to your Switch to help boost its longevity.

Another Great Option: Orzly Glass Screen Protectors

Orzly Glass Screen Protectors Compatible with Nintendo Switch

If you want an even thinner screen protector, try out this one from Orzly. It’s only 0.24mm thick and maintains the same touch sensitivity as your Switch would have without a screen protector equipped.

This screen protector boasts 94% transparency, which is decent, and has a surface hardness level of 9H. Like the option from amFilm above, Orzly’s screen protectors also have an oleophobic coating. With your purchase, you’ll get two screen protectors—one for now and one as a backup.

Another Great Option

Orzly Glass Screen Protectors

If you want the thinnest tempered glass screen protector for your Switch, try out this one from Orzly.

For a Bit of Extra Color: eXtremeRate Screen Protectors

eXtremeRate 2 Pack Cherry Blossoms Pink Border Transparent HD Clear Saver Protector Film,

If you want both protection and style for your Nintendo Switch, go with eXtremeRate’s screen protectors. These protectors are slightly thicker than other options on this list, with a 0.6mm thickness, but they’re still thin enough for your Switch to fit in the dock comfortably. They’re compatible with both the 2017 and new OLED models.

These protectors have 99.9% transparency and an oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints. But the most significant selling point for eXtremeRate’s screen protectors is their look. Each screen protector has a decorative border that goes over the portion of your Switch screen that’s black.

And if you want to give your Switch an entirely new look, you can get a matching custom shell as well for the back of your Switch and the Joycons. There are multiple designs to choose from, so it’ll be easy to find something that suits your style. In every purchase, you’ll get two screen protectors, a cleaning cloth, and a set of wet and dry wipes.

For a Bit of Extra Color

eXtremeRate Screen Protectors

eXtremeRate offers the most stylish screen protectors and help you customize the look of your Switch while guarding it against drops and scrapes at the same time.

Best Plastic: Hori Officially Licensed Screen Protectors

HORI Officially Licensed Screen Protective Filter

This plastic screen protector from HORI is the only officially-licensed option for the Nintendo Switch. It’s made of high-quality polyethylene terephthalate (PET) protective film, which is a fancy way of saying plastic. Screen protectors made with PET are somewhat scratch-resistant and transparent, but not as much as tempered glass options. That said, if you want to stick with Nintendo-official items, this is the best option for you.

It’s dust-resistant, bubble-free, and advertises that it’s frustration-free too. If you wanted some extra protection, you could always put this protective film over a tempered glass screen protector, but it’s not necessary.

Best Plastic

HORI Officially Licensed Screen Protectors

HORI's plastic screen protector is the only officially licensed option from Nintendo.

Best for Switch OLED: amFilm Glass Screen Protectors for 2021 Switch

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector Compatible with Nintendo Switch OLED model 2021 (3-Pack)

If you purchased the brand new OLED 2021 model of the Nintendo Switch, you’ll need to seek out a screen protector specifically for this model. And amFilm makes an excellent screen protector for the OLED Switch that’ll cover its larger screen.

This screen protector has a surface hardness of 9H and features a smudge-free oleophobic coating. It’s 0.33mm thick, and you won’t notice any difference in using your touchscreen. With 99.9% transparency, the picture quality will still look stunning after you put the protector on. In a single box, you’ll get three screen protectors, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and dry cleaning wipes.

Best for Switch OLED

amFilm Glass Screen Protectors for 2021 Switch

If you have a new 2021 OLED Switch, make sure you buy amFilm's screen protector that's designed specifically for this model.

Best for Switch Lite: iVoler Glass Screen Protectors

[4 Pack] Screen Protector Tempered Glass for Nintendo Switch Lite from iVoler
These glass screen protectors from iVoler are specifically designed to fit the Switch Lite. You’ll get four screen protectors as well as wet and dry wipes to clean it off.

Like other options for the regular Switch on this list, these screen protectors are 0.33mm thick, have a 9H hardness rating, and boast 99.9% transparency, which means your screen will still look great and feel great. These protectors are just cut to fit the smaller Switch Lite model.

Best for Switch Lite

iVoler Glass Screen Protectors

For any Switch Lite users, try out these awesome screen protectors from iVoler.

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