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Plex Adds Custom Color Themes, but Something’s Missing


Back in August, Plex users got a small (and unexpected) dose of customization options with the launch of “Modern UI.” Now, Plex is going even further with Color Themes, a set of colorful new skins for the Plex interface. There’s just one thing missing from Color Themes—the option to design your own.

Color Themes launches with five very basic skins, listed here:

To choose a Color Theme, simply open Plex Settings and go to “Appearance Settings.” One quirk to note is that each Color Theme has unique “Default” settings for UI elements—Bubble Gum uses a solid background color on main screens instead of an image, for example. You can change these default settings from your Plex “Appearance Settings,” though.


While we’re glad to see Plex offer more themes to its users, we’d really like to design our own. Thankfully, Plex says that it doesn’t “support user-created themes … yet,” a sign that such a feature should come in the future.

Designing custom Plex themes should be fairly easy thanks to the new Modern UI. As Plex explains, this new UI uses “design tokens” to define select accent colors, such as the background, buttons, and text. Users could simply change the value of these design tokens to create their own colorful Plex theme.

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Color Themes is now available on Plex “big screen apps,” like Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, game consoles, and supported Smart TVs. We don’t know when Plex will support user-created themes, but we have a feeling the platform will debut more in-house themes first.

Source: Plex

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