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GM Says It’s Safe to Park Your Chevy Bolt in the Garage Again (But There’s Bad News)

GM Chevy Bolt EV charging

Chevy Bolt EV owners received both good and bad news this week. The good news is that GM is now starting to roll out a new software update to help address issues with the ongoing recall due to battery fire risks. This software, once applied, will remove the parking and charging restrictions put in place several months ago.

Earlier this year, GM recalled every Bolt EV model released since 2017 due to at least a dozen fires. The company tried software updates to fix potential issues but eventually recalled all Bolt vehicles. After months of back and forth with its battery supplier, LG Chem, the company finally started a battery replacement program in late October.

While owners continue waiting for a new battery or information from GM, the carmaker confirmed to Electrek that a new update is available to ease restrictions while also changing how much you can charge the battery. This new software update, which can only be applied manually at a dealership, will limit the Chevy Bolt charge to 80%, down from 90%. However, it also removes the discharge restriction, meaning owners can drive until the battery is nearly depleted, potentially giving drivers more range.

It’s good news and bad news. Good that we’re seeing another update, but it’s unfortunate that you have to see a dealer to get it and that it’ll lower the charging limit to 80%. Here’s what GM had to say in a statement:

“As battery module replacements continue under the previously announced recall, Chevrolet has informed owners of 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EVs who have not yet received their replacement battery modules that it will begin installation of a software update which will remove the parking and charging limitations on their vehicles while we work on building replacement battery modules. We expect that this software will be available for the remaining Bolt EV and EUV owners in the recall population within approximately the next 30 days. “

GM, Chevy, and LG are busy building replacement battery packs and modules for those who need a new one, but like everything in the auto industry, supply constraints are a thing. As a result, those who are still waiting for a new battery can get this quick update.

Additionally, GM confirmed this update also adds an improved diagnostic tool that checks the battery and charging system for potential issues, which should give owners additional peace of mind.

For now, the update is available to all 2019 Chevy Bolt owners, with more model years coming soon.

via Electrek

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