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Of Course, Barbie Got a Life-Sized EV Before You

Barbie EV car by Mattel

At some point, every kid wished that their toy car could magically turn into a full-size vehicle they could drive down the road. This year, Mattel made every kids’ dream come true by bringing a life-sized, road-worthy Barbie Extra EV to the LA Auto Show. Yes, Barbie got her own EV before you.

Mattel transformed a fiat 500e electric vehicle into a barbie-mobile, complete with golden star-shaped headlights, 22-inch wheels, glitter, wing-shaped doors, and, as expected, a fluffy pink interior. Did you expect anything less?

The Barbie Extra EV sports an all-electric powertrain with 111 horsepower, 147 ft-lbs of torque, fast charging, and thanks to the underlying Fiat 500e drive system, it can go roughly 100-miles on a single charge. So, grab your purse, high-heels, sunglasses, pets, and a Starbucks and hit the road in style.

Mattel Barbie EV interior

According to Roadshow, Mattel used CAD files and dozens of details to duplicate the overall look and feel. The result is a life-sized Barbie Extra car built to the exact scale of the convertible toy car, only for grown-ups. Most of the body was made from foam, which then was sculpted to match the toy car’s exact dimensions. The entire car took over two months to create, and we all get to appreciate it.

And while that’s all neat, kids will appreciate the white and silver sparkling paint job, wing-shaped doors, and awesome rainbow-colored wheels. Unfortunately, considering the body is made of foam and Mattel 3D-printed the wheels, we have a feeling it won’t be driving around the streets of LA anytime soon.

via Roadshow

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