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Celebrate Life Day with This Official ‘Star Wars’ Holiday Cookbook

The official star wars cookbook and recipe photos on a starry background
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Just because George Lucas’ Star Wars Holiday Special was all kinds of terrible doesn’t mean your holiday cooking needs to be. With this fun Star Wars cookbook, you can find a huge variety of festive recipes inspired by (and better than) the iconic special.

Despite that sizable blemish on an otherwise amazing fandom (also ignoring, of course, the terrible Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie), the cookbook has over 30 truly exciting recipes, from drinks and appetizers to main courses and desserts. It’s inspired by Life Day—a fictional holiday in the universe celebrated by Wookies to honor family, joy, harmony, and Wookie culture.

The officially-licensed cookbook is written by Jenn Fujikawa (who also created cookbooks for The Goldbergs and I Love Lucy). It features incredibly clever recipes like Kashyyyk Cake, Bantha Surprise, Jelly Life Day Orbs, Wroshyr Bramble, and Mudhorn Eggnog. You’ll also see a ton of gorgeous recipe photography in the book, along with detailed steps and tips for getting your recipes picture-perfect. 

Although Life Day originates on the Wookie planet of Kashyyyk, the wonderful holiday is heralded galaxy-wide. As such, the cookbook includes recipes beyond those the Wookie cooks love cooking. Keep your eyes peeled for exotic ingredients like orga roots, shi-shok fruits, and wroshyr lice syrup (though, of course, they’ve been substituted here for more Earth-friendly alternatives).

Paired with some festive holiday decorations and music, we’re sure these Life Day recipes will be a bit hit with your friends and family no matter whether they support the Empire or the Rebellion. Just don’t watch the Holiday Special. Seriously, it’s just awful. Be sure to pick up your own copy of the cookbook in time for your holiday get-togethers.

Star Wars fun

Star Wars: The Life Day Cookbook

This cookbook contains over 30 tasty recipes inspired by Life Day in ‘Star Wars.’

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