Forget the Dinosaur: Google Has a Secret Pinball Game Too

Google's hidden pinball game on iOS.
Justin Duino

Everybody knows about Google Chrome’s hidden dinosaur game, but did you know that Google has a secret pinball game tucked in its iOS app? It’s easy to play, but like the famous dinosaur game, it offers a surprising amount of depth. Here’s how to access Google’s secret pinball game on your iPhone.

First thing’s first, download the latest version of the Google app. Then open the app, go to the Tabs page, and clear any open tabs that you might have. Wait around a bit, and some colorful shapes should appear at the bottom of your screen. You can now swipe up to play pinball!

The purpose of this pinball game is simple—hit the colorful shapes that fall from the top of your screen until they vanish. As you progress through new levels, you’ll encounter different bumpers, shapes, and even power ups!

Unfortunately, Google’s hidden pinball game doesn’t work on Android or the iPad. It’s an iOS exclusive, for whatever reason.

At the time of writing, Google hasn’t announced plans to bring this pinball game (or the tabs menu) to its Android app. Like a squirrel that hides its nuts, it seems Google forgot about the secret game that it stashed away in iOS.

Source: Reddit, How-To Geek

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