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Everything We Know About The Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck in the dirt

When Tesla announced the Cybertruck back in late 2019, it was a big deal. The wild-looking EV had such a polarizing and controversial design that even those who don’t follow the auto industry heard about it. The radical truck features premium specs, bullet-proof glass (kinda), and endless potential.

Unfortunately, that was over three years ago, and everyone still has lots of questions. First, Tesla delayed production of the Cybertruck until later in 2022, then pushed it back again to sometime in 2023. Pricing information is no longer available on the pre-order website, and Tesla recently announced several new features would be available when the Cybertruck finally gets released.

So, where does that leave the 1.3 million people who pre-ordered and us? Well, here’s everything we know so far, all its features, how much it could cost, and the Cybertruck’s release date.

Update, 12/12/22: As 2022 comes to a close, we now know Cybertruck production will start in mid-2023, and Tesla is officially in the “tooling” phase. The company is busy creating the tools, machines, and production lines to manufacture the Cybertruck at its new Gigafactory in Texas.

Tesla Cybertruck Release Date

Cybertruck order website

Tesla promised it would deliver the Cybertruck in late 2021 for the dual-motor AWD version at the launch event. However, in August 2021, Elon Musk confirmed the vehicle would be delayed until late 2022. A month later the company mentioned volume production hopefully arriving in 2023. However, on January 26th, 2021, Tesla officially delayed the Cybertruck until 2023.

Since then, the company said it has “locked” the design, confirmed a mid-2023 production start date, and orders should start shipping to buyers sometime in Q3 or Q4 of 2023. We’ve even seen a Cybertruck body on an assembly line while Tesla works on tooling for manufacturing the vehicle.

As you can see from the official Tesla Cybertruck pre-order website, “You will be able to complete your configuration as production nears”. At first, this mentioned 2022, now, it doesn’t have a date listed at all. We’re hopeful for a 2023 arrival.

Tesla Cybertruck delay website ordering
Tesla Website

At this point, we don’t have a clear timeline or exact date to share. There are too many variables and unknowns, but what we can tell you is that if all goes according to plan, Tesla aims to start delivering the first dual and tri-motor pre-orders sometime in late 2023. That’s a big “if,” too, as missing deadlines is nothing new to Tesla across all of its models.

It’ll be a limited rollout if Tesla can stick to the current timeline and begin Cybertruck production next summer. Most people still won’t get their order until sometime in 2024. Over a million people have reserved the EV truck, which means the Cybertruck probably won’t be readily available or on the lot at Tesla stores until 2024.

How Much Is the Tesla Cybertruck?

Tesla Cybertruck on display

While Tesla offers cars in several configurations, it’s always the most expensive model that ends up arriving first. During the initial announcement in 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the new Cybertruck would have a starting price of $39,900 before incentives, making it relatively affordable.

Over the last 18 months, Tesla has increased the price of almost every vehicle it sells, making us question if that sub-$40k mark will ever actually be an option for its truck. For example, at the beginning of 2021, the base Model 3 cost $36,990, but now it starts at $46,990. And when Musk announced the Model 3, he promised a starting price of $35,000, which was extremely hard to find and very short-lived. So we should expect a similar increase to the starting price of the Cybertruck.

To make matters worse, the company updated the pre-order website in late 2021 and removed all mentions of the specs, or the price, which suggests a price change could be on the horizon.

As things sit right now, Tesla may offer a base $39,900 model, not to mention two more AWD variants with a tri or quad motor configuration that start at $49,900 and $69,900, but that’s very doubtful given everything we’ve seen the last two years. Plus, Tesla confirmed the Cybertruck would follow other EVs in the market and come in a quad motor option with 4-wheel steering, crab walk, and more.

Unfortunately, adding those features could raise the Tesla Cybertruck price between now and whenever it arrives. During a recent Tesla earnings call, Elon Musk mentioned the company is having issues developing the Cybertruck at a price people can afford. For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

Tesla Cybertruck Specs, Battery & Estimated Range

Tesla Cybertruck

With all the changes as of late, not to mention the rapid advances in EV technology, means we’re not entirely sure what to expect. Of course, we know what Tesla announced over three years ago, but a lot has — and will change — between now and when this vehicle inevitably hits the streets. Either way, here are the initial numbers and specs from Tesla.

  • Single motor RWD: 250-mile range, 7500+ lbs towing capacity, 0-60mph in under 6.5 seconds for $39,900
  • Dual motor AWD: Over 300-mile range, 10,000+ lbs towing capacity, 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds for $49,900
  • Tri motor AWD: Over 500-mile range, 14,000+ lbs towing capacity, 0-60mph in under 2.9 seconds for $69,900
  • Quad motor AWD: Details unknown, 4-wheel steering, crab walk, likely higher range, towing, and faster speeds.

Again, Tesla only announced the quad motor setup in December of 2021, so we’re not entirely sure what to expect from it, but we’ll update this post once we know more. We can at least hope it’ll get something between 300 miles and 500 miles of range.

Ultra-Fast 1MW Charging

Tesla Cybertruck in the road

Perhaps one of the most exciting new features of the Cybertruck is its ultra-fast 1-megawatt charging speed. During a Tesla electric semi event in December 2022, Elon Musk confirmed the Cybertruck would be capable of 1MW charging, just like the Semi.

However, we doubt the Cybertruck can actually accept 1,000kW charging speeds, instead, it’ll utilize the same charging network upgrades and expansion. Most reports suggest that Tesla’s upcoming level 4 Supercharging stations will be 1MW capable and upgrade vehicles like the Cybertruck (or existing Teslas) from the current 250kW cap to 350-400kW speeds.

Either way, when it arrives later in 2023, the Tesla Cybertruck should be able to handle some of the fastest charging speeds of any electric truck on the market.

Cybertruck May Come in Two Sizes

Cybertruck vs F-150 pull

As we all know, the Tesla Cybertruck is huge. Sitting next to the top-selling truck in the United States, the F-150, you can clearly see a size advantage. That’s a problem for potential buyers, as it’ll struggle to fit in garages. Furthermore, the large size could make it illegal for European roads without a significant change to the overall design.

We’ve recently seen several reports that Tesla will offer two different sizes of the Cybertruck. An idea that even Elon Musk strongly hinted at back in 2020 on Twitter. And while Musk could simply be referring to a smaller Cybertruck for European markets, it makes sense to offer it stateside as well. Especially considering the well-received small Ford Maverick truck.

It’s worth mentioning that the now final design is a bit smaller than the original version shown on stage, meaning we may only get one model.

Best Tesla Cybertruck Features

Cybertruck with Cyberquad ATV in the back

Where do we even begin? There are so many exciting features or ideas floating around that it can be hard to pin down what we’ll get from the Cybertruck. From the rumored 0-60 acceleration in 2.8 seconds, bullet-proof windows, to the Cyberquad ATV or kids Cyberquad, that’ll fit in the back as shown above.

The raw, unfinished, bare, and unpainted 300 series stainless steel design is all we get, so there are no color options to choose from. Buyers will be able to wrap it with whatever color, design, or texture they want later. So that’s a feature if you ask us.

We have seen photos of a matte black Cybertruck on Reddit, and it looks even better than the silver model. That same stainless steel design extends to the 6.5-ft bed, which has no intrusion from the wheel wells, giving users more space than a traditional truck.

Inside the bed, you’ll find both 120- and 220-volt charging outlets, as well as an air compressor and a sliding tonneau cover that will keep things enclosed. We’ve even seen mention of that sliding cover being an optional solar panel, which could help increase range on a sunny day.

Cybertruck interior and glass roof

The Cybertruck has a fully transparent roof made from Armor Glass. A transparent roof is usually called a panoramic sunroof on any other vehicle, but since this is Tesla and it’s bullet-proof glass, it’ll probably get a fancy name.

In case you didn’t notice, the tonneau cover will enclose the entire bed of the truck, from the roof down to the tailgate, which also means drivers can’t use the rearview mirror in some instances. However, Tesla has confirmed the truck will have digital mirrors thanks to an array of cameras.

Tesla even added an optional built-in light bar that goes above the windshield, which will give users even more light in combination with that long LED strip for the headlights. So now all you Jeep, Ford, and Toyota Tacoma owners won’t even need to buy a Baja Design lightbar for your Cybertruck.

The Cybertruck should come with a new and improved FSD (Full Self-Driving) software kit with changes specifically for a truck, not to mention the rumored HD radar sensors. That’s in addition to software controlling the long-travel air suspension, pitch and roll sensor displays, backup camera modes for hooking up a trailer, crab walk, 4-wheel steering, and much more.

Oh, and there aren’t any door handles, either. Initially, CEO Elon Musk said the exterior would see some redesigns, ditch the handles, and get side mirrors. We now know that the Cybertruck will detect when you are approaching and automatically open the door for you.

What shouldn’t surprise anyone is where the Cybertruck stands with self-driving features. Every Cybertruck model will get “autopilot” (which shouldn’t be confused with level 5 self-driving). And, as with other Tesla models, you can pay an extra $15,000 (previously $7,000, then $12k) to add the full self-driving option, though that isn’t a complete feature yet.

Honestly, things are changing all the time, so we’ll have to wait until this Cyber-punk truck arrives to say more. Just know that it’s a Cybertruck, and it can probably do just about anything. Plus, we can expect a slew of 3rd party options and accessories, like this concept Cybertruck camper that looks amazing.

Other Details & Conclusion

Cybertruck Overland Camper setup

In closing, we want to briefly mention some accessories that could be on the way. Then, talk about where the Cybertruck is being built and set some expectations for its arrival.

Being a wicked cool truck, people will want to do pickup truck things with it. And while no official accessories will arrive until the truck does, Tesla has mentioned a camper and trailer configuration that it will offer later. Obviously, the vehicle is the first priority; then, we can expect some of these goodies to follow.

One is an actual trailer, while the other is a Cybertruck overland setup with a roof-top tent, built-in kitchen, and a few other items on a swing-out tailgate. Plus, the company plans to release the Cyberquad ATV around the same time as the Cybertruck.

Cybertruck production will eventually take place at Tesla’s newest Gigafactory in Texas. But, for now, we’re all stuck impatiently awaiting its arrival. That said, if all goes according to plan, expect initial deliveries for those who were first to pre-order in late 2023 or early 2024, with more orders eventually being filled as time goes on.

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Tesla Cybertruck

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