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The Best Funny Wi-Fi Names for Your New Router

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Let’s be honest; Wi-Fi is a frustrating technology that requires more patience than it deserves. So when you use a router with a boring name (or worse, a default name), you’re just adding another dull element to the colorless and confusing world of home networking.

It’s time to give your router a clever Wi-Fi name that will put a smile on your face, even when you’re troubleshooting a problem with no end in sight. We’ve taken the time to collect forty funny Wi-Fi names for your router. And guess what? We hope to expand this list. If you have a funny router name, share it with Review Geek and the world on our Facebook post!

How to Set a New Wi-Fi Router Name

Most new routers let you set up a clever Wi-Fi name when you first connect them to your modem, but sometimes you’re stuck with a default Wi-Fi name. And of course, there are times when you simply want to rename your router.

Thankfully, changing your Wi-Fi name is pretty easy. If your router has an app—most do these days—you can usually change its name by entering the app’s Settings and navigating to the Service Set Identifier (SSID) option. But if your router doesn’t have an app, then it’s time to go old school—you need to find your IP address and visit your router’s browser-based control panel.

Our sister site, How-To Geek, has a detailed guide on finding your IP address, but I’ll give you a quick rundown here. On Windows, go to your Settings, select “Network & Internet,” and go to “Wi-Fi.” Click the network you’re connected to and press the “Properties” button. Your IP address is listed next to “IPv4 Default Gateway.”

If you’re a Mac user, open System Preferences and go to “Network.” Select your network of choice and press “Advanced,” then navigate to the “TCP/IP” tab. Your IP address is listed under “Router.”

Once you have your IP address, type it (or copy-paste it) into your browser’s address bar. Your router’s control panel should show up with an option to change its SSID.

Bear in mind that your router’s name is also its SSID. Changing it will disconnect all of your devices from the internet, and you’ll need to reconnect those devices using the router’s new name. (I should also mention that if you’ve purchased a new router, giving it your old router’s name and password will allow your devices to automatically connect without any additional setup.)

The Best Funny Wi-Fi Router Names

A Wi-Fi router in the dark.

It’s time to set up a catchy, funny, memorable, and unique Wi-Fi name. Most of these names are puns based on common internet technologies and utilities, like LAN or ping. Of course, we’ve thrown in some fun pop culture references and oddball jokes just to round things out.

The best funny Wi-Fi router names:

  1. No More Mr Wi-Fi
  2. Go Go Router Rangers
  3. Password Is Gullible
  4. Bill Wi the Science Fi
  5. Free Public Wi-Fi
  6. Lord of the Pings
  7. Bandwidth On the Run
  8. Modem Family
  9. Skynet
  10. The LAN Before Time
  11. Borat Voice: My Wi-Fi
  12. The Mothership Connection
  13. This LAN Is Your LAN
  14. Drop It Like It’s Hotspot
  15. I Like Big Wi and I Cannot Fi
  16. Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her
  17. 404 Network Unavailable
  18. LAN of Milk and Honey
  19. The Promised LAN
  20. Chance the Router
  21. Wu-Tang LAN
  22. Cisco Inferno
  23. Free Virus
  24. The Matrix
  25. Nuclear Launch Codes
  26. Iron LAN
  27. Let’s Go Phishing
  28. New England Clam Router
  29. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  30. HAL 9000
  31. Get Off My LAN
  32. That’s What She SSID
  33. IP Freely
  34. Captain Cisco
  35. Get Your Own Wi-Fi
  36. Abraham Linksys
  37. FBI Surveillance Van 
  38. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-LAN
  39. IP Funny Colors
  40. Don’t Email My Wi-Fi

Whichever funny router name you decide on, be sure to make your password is nice and secure. A good password is one of the easiest ways to protect your router from hackers or internet-stealing pests.

Also, if someone who lives near you uses a funny Wi-Fi name, use something different from them. Computers and other internet-connected devices get really confused when two networks have the same SSID.

Tell Us Your Funny Wi-Fi Router Names!

Do you have a clever Wi-Fi name that you’d like to see in our list? Head to our Facebook post and tell us what you named your router!

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