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How to Make Amazon Stop Recommending Things You Hate

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Amazon makes online shopping incredibly easy, almost too easy. However, the company never misses a chance to share recommendations based on previous purchases. Or offer advice based on what others also bought. If you want to keep certain shopping habits to yourself or stop seeing suggestions you hate, here’s what you need to know.

This guide will explain several ways to purge your Amazon account. Some of those include deleting your Amazon browsing history, removing individual items from the history, managing the “improve your recommendations” list, and more.

How to Clear Your Amazon Browser History

Amazon webpage browsing history

If you have a shared Amazon Prime account and don’t want others seeing a purchase or went searching for something you’d rather no one know about, you can quickly clear the browsing history on Amazon. This is especially helpful if you bought one random item and now it’s messing up your recommendations. Here’s how to get started.

Open the Amazon homepage and hover your mouse over the “Accounts & Lists” column near the upper right. From here, you’ll automatically get a dropdown window full of options. Under the “Your Account” area, click on “Browsing History.”

Now, you can click “Remove from view” to hide any individual item or tap on “Manage history” for even more options.

Delete items from Amazon browsing history

Amazon makes it easy to remove items one at a time from the browsing history for those that only want to remove a couple of things. If you want to erase everything, tap on “Manage history” and select “remove all items from view” to clear your entire history. This cannot be undone, so think twice before you click.

How to Turn Off Amazon Browsing History

How to Turn off Amazon Browsing History

While we’re in the browsing history on Amazon, users can quickly enable or disable the feature entirely. If you’d rather Amazon not remember anything you view, ever follow the same steps as above by going to Accounts & Lists > Browsing History >  Manage History and flip the browsing history switch to OFF.

Remember that this setting only applies to the device you disable it on. So you’ll also need to do the same in the Amazon app on your phone, using the same steps, or on other computers, laptops, or tablets.

How to Clear Browsing History on the Amazon App

Most people do their shopping from a smartphone, so if you want to clear the browsing history on the Amazon app for iOS or Android, the steps are almost the same. First, open the Amazon shopping app and tap on the “My Profile icon” in the second column at the bottom to the right of the home button. This page shows all your profile info and orders, including your browsing history.

Scroll down to where it says “keep shopping for” and tap where it says “View your browsing history.” Then, just like before, you can tap and remove items one at a time or select “Remove all items from view” at the top right.

How to Remove Items from your Recommendations List

For those unaware, Amazon is a lot like Google in the way that it remembers everything you search for, click on, and buy. All that information is gathered up to help serve you ads and recommendations to get you to buy more stuff. And while that’s usually helpful, sometimes there are items you just don’t want in your recommendations list.

Or, more importantly, if one thing you bought ruined everything, and now you’re getting recommendations that you hate seeing. If so, you can easily remove items from the list.

Amazon homepage recommendations

Open the Amazon homepage and hover your mouse over the “Accounts & Lists” column near the upper right. Now, in the dropdown list of options under the “Your Account” area, click on “Recommendations.”

You’ll see a huge list of items Amazon recommends based on your viewing habits or previous purchases. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy to clear as the browsing history. Find the item you don’t want in the recommendations list and tap on it, then select “Remove this recommendation” to get rid of it.

clear Amazon recommendations

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to bulk clear all recommendations at this time.

How to Improve Your Recommendations List

Remove items from Amazon recommendations

Additionally, you can easily open the Amazon homepage, hover your mouse over the “Accounts & Lists” column and tap on “Recommendations” from the dropdown. Then, instead of looking through a list of items, click the “Improve your recommendations” from the column in the middle of the screen, as shown above.

Instead of simply removing purchases, you can completely disable what items are used for recommendations in this section. So if I don’t want Amazon recommending me coffee products, I’ll uncheck the box next to my order of Peet’s Coffee K-cups.

Instead of going through and removing a ton of recommendations, just customize the list here as you see fit. Then, moving forward, Amazon will have a smaller selection to work from and will start recommending items you actually want to see.

Hopefully, by removing unwanted items or preventing certain products from being added to the recommendation system, you’ll enjoy a better Amazon shopping experience. Either way, this will remove unwanted items and hopefully help filter out recommendations you hate or find uninteresting.

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