Microsoft Edge Tests a Tab-Finding Feature for Tab Hoarders

Tab Search in Microsoft Edge
Josh Hendrickson

You should really learn a bit of tab management. Keeping hundreds of tabs open throttles the bejesus out of your computer, and worse, it makes finding important tabs nearly impossible. But Microsoft Edge is testing a new feature to accommodate you tab hoarders, for better or worse.

The latest Microsoft Edge Dev build (version 98.0.1100.3) features a small Tab Search button in its Title Bar. This feature, which debuted in Chrome last year, lets you search through open tabs using keywords. It also lets you see some recently closed tabs, which is quite handy.

Tab Search in Google Chrome
Here’s Tab Search running in Google Chrome. Andrew Heinzman

Unfortunately, the Tab Search function doesn’t work in Edge yet. It’s just a button that doesn’t do anything. There aren’t any Edge flags to forcibly enable this feature, the Shift + CTRL + A keyboard shortcut doesn’t work, and the experimental Tab Search icon doesn’t show up if you’re on a Mac.

We expect Edge’s Tab Search feature to work identically to Chrome’s (pictured above). That said, Microsoft packs some unique tab management tools in Edge, so it may find a neat way to tweak Tab Search.

Again, Edge’s Tab Search feature doesn’t work yet and is only visible in the latest Edge Dev build (version 98.0.1100.3). And like all experimental features, there’s no guarantee that Tab Search will stick around or reach regular users.

Andrew Heinzman Andrew Heinzman
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