Add Christmas Lights to Your MacBook Pro’s Notch with This Free App

Notchmeister adding christmas lights to the MacBook Pro notch.
The Iconfactory

Apple fans weren’t too happy when Apple first showed the MacBook Pro’s notch, which doesn’t hide any Face ID sensors and only seems to exist for brand recognition. But while some MacBook Pro users try their best to hide the notch, others are starting to embrace it or even decorate the dang thing.

Notchmeister, a free app developed by IconFactory, lets you add Christmas lights, radars, and other fun accessories to your MacBook Pro notch. Hovering your pointer behind the notch triggers these decorations, so they probably won’t get in your way. (Unless you have Menu Bar icons hiding behind the notch, that is.)

Funny enough, Notchmeister can also add a notch to your non-Pro Mac. I’m not entirely sure why you’d want to sacrifice a portion of your screen to a black rectangle, but hey, I don’t blame you for wanting to join in the fun.

You can install Notchmeister for free from the App Store. According to IconFactory, the app doesn’t use a lot of system resources, so feel free to leave it on all the time.


Decorate your MacBook Pro’s notch with Notchmeister, a free app. It can even add a notch to your non-Pro Mac!

Source: The Iconfactory via MacRumors

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