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Honda Made a Tesla Cybertruck Clone, and It Looks Better Than the Real Thing

The Honda e:N SUV.

We recently got a look at Honda’s e:N concept vehicles, which the automaker will use as the foundation for its China-exclusive EVs. But there’s something fishy here. The Honda e:N SUV concept has this gray, angular look. It doesn’t have side-view mirrors or door handles, and its windshield is massive—OOOH boy, Honda ripped off the Tesla Cybertruck!

It takes a lot of gumption to rip off one of the most unique (and ugly) cars in the world. But you really have to hand it to Honda, because its e:N SUV concept looks better than the real Cybertruck. Honda managed to make an angular car that still feels futuristic, with gorgeous headlights, stunning wheels, and a front end that looks like it actually belongs on a car.

So while Tesla continues to double down on its original Cybertruck design, which only grows uglier as Elon Musk bends to basic road safety laws, Honda is showing us how the retro-PlayStation-graphics car should look. (Yeah, the e:N SUV concept would look uglier with windshield wipers, side-view mirrors, and all the other stuff Tesla is now adding to its Cybertruck. I’ll give you that, dear reader.)

I should mention that Tesla holds a pretty decent market share in China. This design ripoff won’t go over customers’ heads, though of course, it’s just a concept car. There’s no guarantee that Honda will ever make a “Cybertruck SUV,” and to be honest, I expect it to remain a concept.

Even if Honda turns the e:N SUV into a real product, it may never leave China. That’s because Honda has a very wonky EV strategy—instead of building a handful of neat cars and shipping them across the globe, the automaker wants to sell a “Prologue” SUV in the United States, an E Hatchback in Europe and Japan, and those terribly-named “e:N Series” vehicles in China.

Source: Honda via TNW

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