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RoboRock Made a Robot Mop That Finally Makes Sense


Believe it or not, robot vacuums don’t suck anymore. They’re powerful, intelligent, and well worth the effort of dumping out a dust bin every few days. But you can’t say the same for robot mops. They require a ton of maintenance, and frankly, that maintenance isn’t worth the half-baked “mopping” job you end up with. Roborock has a solution, though, and it’s enormous.

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I’m speaking literally, by the way. Shown at CES 2022, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is a big giant robot that lives inside a huge, ridiculous charging station. It uses this monumental charging station to automate the more annoying parts of owning a robot mop—refilling the robot’s water tank and cleaning its mop heads.

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra and its massive charging station.

Roborock claims that the S7 MaxV Ultra uses advanced VibraRise technology to effectively scrub dirt off your floors, and all that jazz. I assume that, like other robot mops, it’ll only take care of spills and surface stains. But that basic cleaning action is perfectly acceptable in a product that cleans itself and refills its own tank, two tasks that make other robot mops annoying to use.

Of course, the S7 MaxV Ultra isn’t just a mop. It’s also a powerful robot vacuum with room-mapping technologies and a 5100pa suction value (that’s not enough for deep cleaning, but its great for daily cleaning). The charging station can hold seven weeks’ worth of dust, which I find kind of hard to believe as a pet owner, and oddly enough, the vacuum can identify different floor types and adjust its cleaning action accordingly.

Roborock hasn’t announced pricing for the S7 MaxV Ultra, though it’s part of the company’s new mid-range Q series, so it shouldn’t cost too much. Also, Roborock says the vacuum will go on sale in Q2 of this year (so, April at the earliest).

Source: Roborock

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