Forget the Swiffer: Roborock Combined a Real Stick Vacuum with a Mop

The Roborock Dyad cleaning a mess of cereal and milk.

Of all the cleaning products in my home, the relatively cheap Shark Vacmop is probably my favorite. It’s perfect for cleaning quick messes, which I make often. But I’ll be the first to say my Vacmop isn’t a great vacuum or a great mop. So imagine my surprise when Roborock told me about its new Dyad vacuum mop, which has real brush heads instead of a nasty cleaning pad.

The Roborock Dyad features three rollers to vacuum, mop, and scrub messes simultaneously. Two of those rollers span the entire width of the Dyad’s head, ensuring that you can clean the edges of a room without getting on your hands and knees.

And like a robot vacuum, the Dyad can detect nasty messes and automatically increase its power or water flow. It’s an interesting feature for a cordless vacuum mop, but it should make cleaning all the more easier.

Additionally, the Dyad features a 5,000mAh battery that should last for 35 minutes of non-stop cleaning. It automatically charges at its base station, so unless you have a giant home, you should never experience a dead battery.

The Roborock Dyad goes on sale this January for $460. That’s a lot of money for a wet-dry vacuum that only works on hard floors, but hey, it’s Roborock’s new flagship product. Cut the company some slack!

Source: Roborock

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