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The Latest LEGO Creation Might Be a Subscription Fee (UGH)

LEGO House Vault
Iwan Baan

As 2021 winds to a close, LEGO has a new survey in the Rewards Center that strongly hints at an upcoming LEGO subscription service. Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Another subscription service? UGH. If it makes you feel any better, judging by the information available, it could have some fantastic benefits we’ll touch on below.

The company is teasing a pair of subscription plans that cost $4.99 per month, offering perks including early access to sets, freebies, the option to return unused bricks, and a few other things for builders.

At first glance, we weren’t thrilled, and honestly, we still aren’t. However, after reading a little further, we see some potential benefits, including access to retired and archived LEGO builds. That’s a big one, as those are extremely hard to find and often costly. Here’s a complete list of the potential benefits of a LEGO subscription.

  • Free delivery on your LEGO purchases
  • Early access to products, experiences, and content (video, audio, building instructions & games)
  • Access to limited edition products
  • Purchase from the back catalog (get sets from previous years, etc.)
  • Return used bricks and receive discounts/points to use elsewhere
  • Free gifts with every purchase

Die-hard LEGO fans will love and hate everything mentioned above. For starters, the idea of early access is a bit frustrating, as that’s supposed to be one of the many benefits for LEGO VIP members. Or the fact that LEGO Members that pay for a subscription will get access to limited edition sets that may not otherwise be released, potentially locking LEGO builds behind a paywall. Of course, we hope that’s not the case, but you never know with all the subscription services these days.

On the other hand, getting access to products from the LEGO Vault is highly appealing, as is the idea of getting free gifts with every purchase. And while some builders will consider returning used bricks for a discount on future purchases, I’ll be keeping all my bricks. Thank you very much.

If LEGO does offer a subscription service, it looks like either plan could end up costing around $4.99 per month. One plan allows owners to digitally track sets with a LEGO wallet and a few other useful things, while the second plan is geared to help younger users learn and build.

Obviously, this is still in the early stages, and things could change between now and whenever this subscription model arrives, if it happens at all.

Either way, spending $60 a year to become a LEGO member means the company must deliver plenty of value to make it worth our hard-earned money. Otherwise, I’ll take that $60 a year and buy a nice set and call it a day.

via The Brick Fan

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