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8BitDo Makes the Bluetooth Controller Adapter the PlayStation Classic Deserves

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Initial reactions to Sony’s PlayStation Classic mini-console have been tepid at best. It doesn’t help that the thing comes with five-foot cables on its controllers, which is less than ideal for a modern living room. 8BitDo comes to the rescue.

You may recognize 8BitDo from its well-received line of retro and mobile controllers, all the rage for emulators and the Switch. But the company also makes a line of controller adapters, enabling both original 1990s consoles and the new crop of “mini” consoles to use said controllers, along with wireless options from first-party manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft. The latest one enables full Bluetooth controller support for the PlayStation Classic’s USB controller port.

sony, 8bitdo, controller, adapter, playstation, playstation classic, Bluetooth

That support is wide. 8BitDo’s generic Bluetooth controllers work, as well as any others that use the current standard. Sony’s Dual Shock controllers for the PS4 and PS3 will work,  as will Nintendo’s Switch Pro and Joy-Con controllers, and Microsoft’s Xbox One S controller (the newer model with a Bluetooth mode). Pretty much any Bluetooth controller made in the last few years is compatible, providing it has the necessary amount of buttons.

8BitDo will sell the adapter starting on December 31st. You can pre-order it now for $20.

via The Verge

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