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Here’s When Your Motorola Phone Will Get Android 12

Motorola phones running Android 12

Google officially released Android 12 in early October, and now it’s headed to several other devices like Motorola phones. The Moto Android 12 update, also known as the My UX release, isn’t ready yet, but the company recently shared a full list of which Motorola phones will get Android 12, when it’ll arrive, and what smartphone owners can expect.

Following months of beta testing by Google and its partners, Motorola’s update is finally right around the corner, even of Motorola is getting it out slower than its rivals from Samsung and OnePlus. So if you’re wondering when your Moto phone will get Android 12, this is what you need to know.

Unlike Samsung and a few others, Motorola uses a very streamlined skin that looks highly similar to stock Android 12, and then it adds a few features on top. With that in mind, Google’s Android 12 update, Material you, and Motorola’s My UX have a lot to offer. As expected, this release delivers new theming options and colors, a privacy settings dashboard, new camera features, keyboard improvements, new widgets, and more.

A photo of someone holding the Motorola Moto G Power.

While Motorola is adding most of Google’s latest changes, including revamped widgets, notification shortcuts, quick toggles, and other things, it doesn’t look like the theme will automatically match your wallpaper image. Instead, Motorola is doing something similar to Google but letting owners choose the color palette. And honestly, we like the option. Plus, Moto’s Android 12 update blog goes into further details regarding everything new.

Which Motorola Phones Will Get Android 12, and When?

Unfortunately, Motorola doesn’t have the best track record as of late for software updates. So while many of its most recent phones like the Moto Razr 5G and Razr 2020 will get Android 12, as will most new Moto G and Moto Edge phones, there are several devices released in 2021 that (as of now) will not receive Google’s latest software.

Here’s the full Motorola phone Android 12 update list as of today.

  • Razr 5G — Expected February 2022
  • Razr 2020 — Expected February 2022
  • Motorola edge 20 pro — Expected February 2022
  • Motorola edge 20
  • Motorola edge 20 lite
  • Motorola edge 20 fusion
  • Motorola edge (2021)
  • Motorola edge 5G UW
  • Motorola edge plus
  • Motorola one 5G ace
  • Motorola one 5G UW ace
  • Moto g200 5G
  • Moto g71 5G
  • Moto g51 5G
  • Moto g41
  • Moto g31
  • Moto g100
  • Moto g60s
  • Moto g60
  • Moto g50 / moto g50 5G
  • Moto g40 fusion
  • Moto g30
  • Moto g power (2022)
  • Moto g pure
  • Moto g stylus 5G

Motorola Business Edition Phones

  • Moto g pro
  • Motorola edge (2021)
  • Motorola edge 20
  • Motorola edge 20 lite
  • Motorola edge 20 fusion

As you can see, Motorola has a pretty hefty list of phones that will get Android 12 sometime in 2022. For now, we’re not sure when these will arrive. The company simply stated that “our official Android 12 rollout will begin in February 2022,” with no further details on which devices.

We can assume that some of Motorola’s main phones, like the Razr 5G and Moto Edge are first on the list, but we’ll have to wait and see. The software experience is similar across most of its devices, so once things officially start in February, we expect updates every few weeks until the company finishes.

If you didn’t see your phone on the list, we have bad news. It looks like several phones released in 2021, including the Moto G Play (2021), Moto G10 Power, Moto E7 Power, and others, will not receive the update. Considering those phones aren’t even a year old, that’s not a good look.

Keep in mind that Motorola’s upgrade plans could change and evolve as time goes on, but for now, these are the phones that will get Android 12. Stay tuned for more information, as Motorola will likely share a more detailed timeline in February.

via XDA Developers

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