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LG’s Wild Transparent Displays Might Come to a Store Near You

The LG Display OLED Shelf prototype in action
LG Display

Placards, banners, and physical product displays are so last year … at least that’s what LG thinks. In fact, LG Display just released the transparent OLED Shelf that can augment and display artwork, along with a variety of other creative prototype and concept displays.

LG Display—a separate, sister company to LG Electronics—just revealed several new displays for CES 2022, but this one is the most exciting and promising. It’s built from two 55-inch 1080p OLED panels, mounted one above the other, and has a shelf at the very top. Using its Always On Display Mode, the top screen could display a piece of art, for example, while the bottom screen shows a description of it.

Users can roll down an opaque layer behind the display to instantly convert it into a more traditional OLED screen. You can also roll up the transparent layer and turn off the OLEDs if you want to see something behind it without having to walk around it. Though this display could easily be used at a variety of businesses, LG Display said the OLED Shelf is designed for the home.

LG Display Shopping Managing Showcase in action
LG Display

Likewise, LG Display’s new Shopping Managing Showcase display can be used to enhance a physical display. Businesses can place it in front of their display and run VFX graphics on the screen, like smoke or lightning or cool colors, to make it more engaging. Obviously, LG Display is designing this concept for commercial clients, like retail stores looking to adapt modern signage or museums looking to get creative with their exhibits.

Other concepts and prototypes revealed by the company include Show Window—similar to the OLED Shelf, but with four 55-inch displays—and Smart Window—another transparent OLED screen designed for in-office use, like presentations or video calls. They’re already being tested at destinations like the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. and a fashion store in Seoul, Korea.

LG Display believes the transparent OLED could also eventually find potential uses in homes, vehicles, and a wider variety of retail facilities. These are all still concepts, and not likely to hit the market as is anytime soon. However, they have interesting implications and really could be one way how displays and in-business marketing efforts evolve to modern tastes. We can already see how these ideas have evolved from previous efforts, like LG’s rollable OLED TV and its double-folding smartphone concepts.

Source: LG Display via Engadget

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