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The Best Oven Safe Food Storage Containers For Easy Meal Prep And Storage

Looking to downsize, organize, and optimize your kitchen? Oven safe containers can replace some of your dishes, make prep easy, and make cleaning a breeze.

Most kitchens are filled with cheap, plastic food containers for storing and reheating leftovers. But that’s about all the use that you’ll get out of a plastic container. But just think, if you had oven safe containers, then you could prep, bake, refrigerate, and reheat using a single container. You can also use oven safe containers to help organize your cluttered fridge, or to replace some of your dishes.

But not all over safe food storage is created equal, and some containers may be more useful to you than others. For example, if you’re looking to organize your fridge, then you’ll want to buy a uniform set of rectangular containers. That way, you won’t waste a bit of space. If you’re trying to bring your lunch to work every day, then you’ll want a container that has a strong lid — maybe even a lid with a steam valve.

There’s a lot of variety in the world of food storage containers, so we’ve taken the time to find the best oven safe sets for everybody’s needs. Some of these sets may seem a bit expensive, but keep in mind that a good set of ovens safe containers will serve you for years and years, so the investment’s well worth it.

Pyrex 18-Container Storage Set ($35)

If you’re trying to build or replace your storage collection, then why not go with the king of food storage? Pyrex, a brand that’s become synonymous with oven safe containers, makes fantastic containers that are easy to use, clean, and store. And since Pyrex lids are replaceable, you can expect to use their containers for years and years.

Just keep in mind that these Pyrex containers are kind of the everyman’s storage. They’re not specifically designed for organizing your fridge, or prepping meals, or for taking steaming hot food on the go. If you’re looking for storage containers that are especially great for organizing, then you need a set of uniform rectangular containers. If you want food containers that can replace your bakeware, then you should look for large, handled containers. See what I mean?

Anchor Hocking TrueSeal 10 Container Set ($19)

If you need an affordable set that can last you for a few years, then you should consider the Anchor Hocking food storage set. These containers are made of a sturdy glass, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking in the oven or freezer—but at only around half the price of the aforementioned Pyrex set. They also have very nice rubbery lids that are just as secure as latch-style lids, and a bit easier to use.

This Anchor Hocking set comes with 10 different sized containers that can fit into one another for easy storage. While 10 containers may not be enough for some people, it could be more than enough for people who are slowly building or replacing their food storage collection.

Prep Naturals Set of 5 30 oz Containers ($25)

Most sets come with a variety of differently sized containers. But if you want to use storage containers to organize your fridge or to prep meals throughout the week, then you’ll want a set of uniform rectangular containers. Prep Naturals makes a good set of 30 oz containers that are oven safe and freezer safe, so you can use them for meal prep or small baking jobs, or for organizing the fruit and veggies in your fridge.

Of course, this may not be the best choice for people who need a variety of different sized storage containers. Not to mention, the Prep Naturals containers have hard latched lids, which may be a deal breaker for people who like flexible rubber or plastic lids. But hey, at least all of these lids are the same size… you won’t mix them up.

Razab 24 Piece Glass Storage Set ($40)

Have you ever slapped a lid onto a steaming hot container, only to wonder where all that steam goes? Well, it builds up inside of the container, and if it builds up enough pressure then it can push off the lid. That shouldn’t be much of a problem in your fridge, but it can be a serious problem when you’re packing a lunch.

If you want to make your lunches in the morning before taking them to work, then you’re going to have to deal with steam buildup. Luckily, Razab set has a steam-release valve in the lids, so you never have to worry about your lunch leaking in your bag. Not to mention, this Razab set comes with 24 containers of various shapes and sizes, so you can use them for packing all kinds of lunches.

Pyrex EasyGrab Bakeware Set ($30)

If you make a lot of food in the oven, then you might want to take a look at Pyrex’s bakeware set. It’s a set of four standard size, seal-able baking trays, so you can easily put away leftovers without moving food to a new container or wasting any plastic wrap. These trays are made of a seriously thick glass, and the lids are replaceable, so they should last you a number of years.

While you might be able to take this set to a friend’s house for a dinner party, you’ll run into trouble trying to take it to work on account of the size (there’s a reason casserole dishes never caught on as lunch boxes). If you’re trying to bring your lunch to work, then you’ll probably want to get some smaller containers like those found in the first few sets we highlighted here.

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