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DuckDuckGo’s New Browser Won’t Creepy Stalk You Like Google Chrome

DuckDuckGo desktop web browser

DuckDuckGo, the popular company that many know about thanks to its privacy-focused search engine, wants to take those same privacy-first ideals and deliver them to your desktop web browser. So, instead of stalking your every move like Google Chrome or Microsoft browsers, DuckDuckGo will be built differently.

In a recent blog post, DuckDuckGo gave everyone a first look at its upcoming web browser, its design, and what potential users can expect. According to CEO Gabriel Weinberg, “robust privacy protection” will be enabled by default for search, email, browsing, and more. And while the CEO didn’t directly call it a “privacy browser,” he states it’ll be closer to a web browser you’ll want to use daily that happens to respect your privacy.

Essentially, privacy protection is enabled by default, keeping you safe, rather than users having to jump through hoops or install add-ons to try and keep things private.

DuckDuckGo web browser

As you can see, the DuckDuckGo desktop web browser app looks very similar to the mobile app and will even feature the same “Fire” button so you can erase anything and everything in one click. We’re talking about browsing history, stored data, downloads, tabs, and more in an instant.

In the blog post mentioned above, CEO Weinberg went on to say that based on early tests, the Duck web browser is “significantly faster than Google’s browser,” not to mention cleaner-looking, more private, and offers a great experience.

Interestingly enough, DuckDuckGo is building the app using OS-provided rendering engines instead of basing it on Chromium, which several other browsers use. This way, the company can strip away all the creepy stalking and messy clutter and deliver one well-rounded browser.

The DuckDuckGo desktop browser is currently in a closed beta test on macOS, but it looks like they plan on bringing it to Windows soon. Unfortunately, there’s no information regarding a potential release date, but as things get closer to launch, we’ll surely hear more.

Source: DuckDuckGo

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