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Fix Your Pixel 6’s Unresponsive Touchscreen With This Workaround

Google Pixel 6 Pro side-by-side the Pixel 6
Justin Duino / Review Geek

Several Pixel 6 owners report that their phone “freezes” while scrolling through apps or playing games. This is a known bug related to Android’s Accessibility Services, and until Google pushes a fix, there’s just one workaround to get your Pixel working normally—disable Accessibility Services.

First, what’s really happening here? Pixel 6 devices aren’t actually “freezing.” Instead, they’re temporarily ignoring touchscreen inputs. When the Pixel 6 “unfreezes,” all of your ignored inputs suddenly register, causing a cascade of unintended swipes and gestures.

Reddit user u/micku7zu discovered that this problem disappears when you disable “canPerformGesture” Accessibility permissions. Evidently, an Accessibility tool is unintentionally pausing touchscreen inputs every time your Pixel 6’s battery drops by a percent.

Google is now working on a fix for this bug. But until that fix arrives through a firmware update, there’s only one way to keep this bug from happening; you have to disable all Accessibility Services. Go in your Settings and turn off all Accessibility tools, even password managers and other apps that aren’t explicitly made for Accessibility purposes. (By the way, if your password manager isn’t working on Pixel 6, this bug is probably to blame.)

This is not an ideal workaround. Not all Pixel 6 owners have the luxury of turning off tools like Voice Access or Accessibility Shortcut. But again, it’s the only way to keep your Pixel 6 from “freezing” until Google rolls out an official fix.

Source: u/micku7zu via Android Police

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