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Mercedes-Benz’s New Concept EV Puts Every Other Carmaker to Shame


Mercedes-Benz unveiled its Vision EQXX concept vehicle during a virtual presentation at CES 2022, and yeah, this thing lives up to the hype. Not only does the EQXX feature an obscene 648-mile range, but it’s the most efficient EV ever made—it can travel over 60 miles (around 100 kilometers) using just 10kWh of energy.

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For reference, 10kWh of home electrical usage costs around $1.20 in most parts of the United States. It’s about as much electricity you’d use to run an A/C unit for three hours, according to Mercedes. And if a fairy godmother came down and turned the Vision EQXX into a gas guzzler, it would have an insane 235 MPG fuel efficiency.

Again, the EQXX gets its range through efficiency, not a XXL double-stuffed battery. That means improved aerodynamics (a record-breaking drag coefficient of 0.17), an advanced drivetrain developed with help from F1 engineers, and a relatively lightweight build (3,858 pounds). I should note that the EQXX has 117 solar cells on its roof, though, and its battery is much more power-dense (and therefore physically smaller) than other 100kWh batteries.

Mercedes-Benz also managed to give the EQXX a very strange, futuristic interior. It features a 56-inch Hyperscreen that spans the width of the dashboard, plus “leather” seats made of mushrooms and environmentally-friendly pull tabs instead of door handles.

But there are a few things to note about the Vision EQXX that aren’t so exciting. For one, it’s just a concept car, and there’s no telling how much a production EQXX would cost—these ultra-efficient EVs may not be accessible to regular people for a very long time. Additionally, the EQXX’s 648-mile range isn’t confirmed by the EPA or any other independent parties.

And if buyers want an EV with a super long range today, Mercedes isn’t necessarily the best option. The Mercedes-Benz EQS can travel 350 miles on a charge, which is pretty good, but the Lucid Air and Tesla Model S Long Range Plus can go between 400 and 500 miles. Also, Tesla plans to launch the Roadster in 2023, and it can go 620 miles on a charge—although I have a feeling it’ll get delayed.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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