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The Best Gifts for the Pen and Paper Lover in Your Life

A man writing in a notebook with a pen.
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Sure, modern technology is great but there’s still plenty of room for stylish pens, classy notebooks, and other gifts for the traditional writer in your life. Here are our favorite gift ideas for the pen and paper fan on your gift list.

Update, 11/30/22: Checked content for accuracy, product availability, and dead links. Replaced Moleskine Evernote Notebook with Moleskine Evernote Journal

We’ve got great looking notebooks for writing down your creative ideas, smart pens that make even the messiest of scrawls look good, and even a book that provides you with some great inspiration. There’s sure to be something here to entice your loved one.

Moleskine Evernote Journal

Moleskine Evernote Journal on a white background.

Moleskine journals are great. They’re stylish, practical, and super easy to store in your messenger bag. Odds are your loved one already has a few so how about you buy them one a little bit different from the rest? This Moleskine Evernote Journal is designed with Evernote in mind. You simply write in the notebook and the Evernote app’s Page Camera feature works perfectly with it, capturing your notes so much more smartly than if it was in conjunction with other journals.

Each smart notebook comes with a month’s subscription to Evernote Premium which tosses in a bunch of extra features for avid Evernote users. It’s a neat way of combining traditional and modern note taking, and sure to impress your pen and paper lover.

Moonster Leather Journal

Moonster Leather Journal on a white background.

This Moonster Leather Journal looks like something out of an Indiana Jones film. Made from soft and supple dark brown genuine water buffalo leather, it’s durable and distinctive looking. Naturally tanned with special oil, you can create your own distressed vintage style by rubbing your hands across it. It really looks quite special and original.

Inside the tome are 120 sheets of blank, cream-colored paper just waiting for you to start writing your memoir or epic novel. Its rustic charm will endear you towards using it more than any ‘regular’ notebook.

Fisher Space Pen Bullet

The fisher space pen on a white background.

We raved about the Fisher Space Pen Bullet a few years ago and for good reason. It’s made from high-quality materials, available in a wide array of styles and colors, and is the perfect everyday pen. It can write anywhere and on anything. That includes extreme temperatures and from any angle. It looks pretty cool too. It’s a bargain at $30 but things get even better when you consider the gift box too.

Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen - 400 Series - Matte Black w/ Clip - Gift Boxed

Fisher Space Pens have been taking notes in orbit and beyond since the 1960s, and this compact bullet model makes it ideal for EDC.

LAMY Safari

A fountain pen with components on a white background.

When we looked at fountain pens, we were big fans of the LAMY Safari. That continues to be the case. This set comes with one LAMY Safari umber (matte black) fountain pen, one pack of five LAMY T10 black ink cartridges (with an extra one for free), all contained within a fancy looking gift box that makes it a perfect present.

The pen is light and robust thanks to being made from sturdy ABS plastic. It has a black chromium-plated fine steel nib with a distinctive grip section so you can hold onto it comfortably. It’s long lasting too, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon. (How long lasting? Our former editor Jason has a Safari pen that turns 25 this year.)

Uni Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil

A mechanical pencil on a white background

Of our pick of mechanical pencils, the Uni Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil is a great, high-quality mechanical pencil for those that want to use a pencil rather than a pen to write their thoughts.

The ball bearing mechanism in its head automatically rotates the lead as you write, which has made it a favorite amongst engineers and architects alike. It might seem like a low price for a high-quality mechanical pencil but your loved one is going to appreciate it so much, they won’t want to ever switch brands again.

uni Kuru Toga 0.5 mm High Grade Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencil, Black (M510121P.24)

Mechanical pencils are still a thing and they still work great.

48 Pack Stationery Paper with Envelopes

Vintage paper and envelopes on a white background.
Best Paper Greetings

Classy penmanship deserves to be used alongside great looking paper. If the person you’re buying for intends on writing more letters in 2019, buy them this 48 Pack Stationery Paper with Envelopes. It has an aged antique style look to it that makes it perfect for anything that requires a touch of extra class to it. Its envelopes are easy seal with the paper being 100 GSM. It feels as good as it looks.

We recommend using these for important letters or papers. Anything that you want to really put some extra effort into. It’s a cut above the rest.

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Rocketbook Wave Notebook on a white background.

The Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook is a neat modern twist on a regular notebook. We really liked it when we took an in-depth look at it. It’s the world’s first smart notebook that you use your microwave to erase and reuse again and again. It hooks up to the Rocketbook app, which gives you the chance to share your notes to Google Docs, Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, Box, or simply to your emails.

The paper itself feels silky smooth and its spiral bindings keeps things tight and stylish looking, but it’s the technology behind it that makes it really stand out. It sounds gimmicky but if you regularly want to write notes then transfer them to your smartphone or laptop, this is the notebook for you.

642 Things to Write About

642 Things to Write About title page.
San Francisco

Ever wanted to write something but don’t know what? The 642 Things to Write About book is the perfect solution for that. It provides you with 642 fun writing prompts that are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. It’s a perfect gift for a loved one who is keen to get more imaginative in 2019 and isn’t sure where to begin.

Even if they’re never short of ideas, there’s a few original concepts here that are sure to get them thinking.

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