This TP-Link Wi-Fi 6E Router Flails Its Antennae Around Like a Creepy Insect

The TP-LInk Archer AXE200 Omni router.

The future of home internet is Wi-Fi 6E, a next-gen standard that dramatically reduces network congestion to improve reliability and speed. And while Wi-Fi 6E is still a very new technology, TP-Link is already using it to build innovative new products—yeah, let’s say “innovative,” that seems appropriate for a router that waves its antennas around like an insect.

TP-Link’s newest Wi-Fi 6E router, called the Archer AXE200 Omni, has four motorized antennas that automatically move to provide your devices with the best possible Wi-Fi signal. It reminds me of a dead spider that’s curled up its legs, or like Bender from Futurama when he’s stuck on his back like a turtle. (I wonder if this router could walk if you flipped it upside down?)

I have serious doubts that the Archer AXE200 Omni’s autonomous antennae improve your Wi-Fi signal, but hey, it’s still just a prototype. For what it’s worth, TP-Link doesn’t provide any metrics to prove whether this feature is useful or not.

But as you’d expect, the Archer AXE200 Omni packs some premium specs. It’s a tri-band router that supports the 6GHz band, it offers up to 11GBps Wi-Fi, and it supports TP-Link’s EasyMesh solution for whole-home coverage.

While we don’t know when (or if) TP-Link will launch the Archer AXE200 Omni, the company will sell a more conventional Archer AXE300 Wi-Fi 6E router in Q2 of 2022. The Archer AXE300 doesn’t have motorized antennae, but it’s a quad-band router, meaning that it packs an extra 5GHz band to accommodate even more devices.

Source: TP-Link

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