Eufy’s Latest Video Doorbell Proves Two Cameras Are Better Than One

eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual

When friends complain about their video doorbell, they’re usually upset about one of two problems. Either the doorbell can’t see packages at the doorstep, or it captures a tall and skinny video that misses everything to its left or right. I usually suggest buying a security camera to accompany the doorbell, but Eufy has a simpler solution—stick two cameras in the doorbell!

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The battery-powered Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual features a 2K front-facing camera with a wide 160-degree FOV, plus a 1080p downward-facing camera with a more narrow 120-degree FOV to accurately record and monitor packages. (We saw another video doorbell, called the Maximus, use this same concept during CES 2019. But I haven’t heard of Maximus since that week in 2019.)

If two cameras aren’t enough, the Video Doorbell Dual also uses radar and PIR tech to differentiate humans from regular background movement (windy trees and such), a process that reduces false alarms by 95%, according to Eufy. Additionally, facial recognition technology lets the doorbell identify friends, family, and packages, so you’ll only be notified when something important is happening at your door.

The Eufy Garage-Control Cam

In addition to the new Video Doorbell Dual, Eufy just announced a smart garage door opener with an integrated security camera. The Garage-Control Cam lets you remotely open and close your garage door using voice commands, schedules, or automated geofencing tech that knows when you’re far away from home.

Eufy’s Garage-Control Cam packs a 1080p camera and can differentiate between cars and humans. And for those who have two garage doors, Eufy will also sell a Garage-Control Cam Plus for dual-door systems. Interestingly the Plus model packs a larger 2K video camera.

The Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual launches February 8th for $260, while the Garage-Control Cam and Garage-Control Cam Plus launch in March for $100 and $130, respectively. None of these products require a monthly subscription, and the included Homebase 2 hub provides up to 90 days of rotating video storage.

Source: Eufy Security

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