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The Best Desk Toy Stocking Stuffers

A desk job isn’t always the most exciting of roles but it’s what many of us will find ourselves doing each day. How about buying your loved ones a fun toy or trinket to liven up their office desk?

See, you can just stare into space when you want a few minutes peace at work but it’s also fun to mess around with some kind of office toy too. Even better, some of the toys here will help focus your mind or simply encourage you to relax a little and take a breather. We’ve got a bunch of great desk toys and trinkets that will make fantastic stocking stuffers this Christmas.

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy ($11)

Fidget toys are awesome, whatever your age. The Infinity Cube Fidget Toy is a cube based brainteaser that’s playable with one hand. Composed of eight tough ABS plastic blocks lined together with strong stainless steel metal rivets, it’s a reasonably weighty object for you to manipulate with one hand while you concentrate on whatever’s bothering you, or simply let your thoughts drift away.

Like any neat fidget toy, you can use it to build up flexibility in your hands, while you take some time to solve the puzzle and rearrange everything to however you want it to look. It’s a complete time waster but it’s kind of therapeutic and a great way of discouraging you from unhealthy habits like biting your nails or cracking your knuckles.

Kingou Wooden Puzzle Magic Ball ($10)

A true brainteaser, the Kingou Wooden Puzzle Magic Ball isn’t a puzzle that most people will solve fast. You have to piece the shapes together to form a wooden ball. Simple, right? Not in reality. It’s actually hard to assemble, as well as take apart. You really have to spend some time figuring it out, which is why it’s perfect to pass the time during a break at work, or even when taking a conference call.

It comes with paper instructions and a video link QR code but that’s hardly the point. This mind puzzle is there to test you, as well as make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Even when it’s been a rough day.

Deluxe Sand Garden ($20)

How often do you find yourself at your cubicle dreaming of a beach vacation? Pretty often, we’re sure. Buy this Deluxe Sand Garden and you kind of get that experience. Albeit on a much smaller scale. The sand box includes a sand pail, grooming rake, digging shovel, mini sea shells, umbrella, and beach chair. Sure, it’s a gimmick, but it’s a cute gift idea, especially if you and your loved one keep talking about getting away from it all.

Maybe pair it with a voucher that entitles you both to a real beach vacation in the summer?

Pin Art Board ($14)

The Pin Art Board is a desk toy for the ages, but there’s a reason why people still love them — they’re fun to manipulate. Simply push your hand into it, a desk object, or even your face, and the image remains imprinted amongst the pins until you shake it up. This one is sturdy and measures a little bigger than the average stocking, so maybe place it to the side of their stocking.

It’s a silly little thing but you’ll find yourself using a few seconds here and there throughout the day to see what you can concoct next. For your loved one, it can give them a moment’s respite from more serious fare.

Desktop Tetherball ($7)

Tetherball is super fun to play in the garden during the summer months but how about a desktop version for when you’re stuck at work? This Desktop Tetherball game is bound to lighten the mood for your loved one, even if they’ve just got out of a rough meeting.

The game is simply a 9″ stationary pole on a base with a rope and ball attached to it. You whack the ball around with your finger for as long as you need to. It’s a kind of stress relief too. There’s a 32 page illustrated mini book with history, trivia, and game rules too, if you want to play ‘correctly’.

Mini Bowling Game ($15)

Bowling more your style? This Mini Bowling Game is a ton of fun for your desk. Just stand up the ten mini bowling pins, position the bowling ramp where you want, then roll the ball and hope. It’s oddly calming and you’ll find yourself chasing high scores and strikes galore.

You can always play it with a workmate too and end up organizing tournaments on a Friday afternoon. Seriously.

G-Wack Desk Sculpture ($13)

On the one hand, the G-Wack Desk Sculpture looks pretty neat. It’s stylish and eye-catching, after all. On the other hand, it’s also a fun stress relief tool. 221 small silver balls make up the sculpture and you can easily manipulate them and move them around to create whatever your heart desires. The base is magnetic which means everything connects together, however you want them to.

You could create a tower of balls, a little warrior, or simply a ball-shaped pile of, well, balls. The fun here is experimenting and enjoying that moment away from working life.

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