Breaking: Taco Bell Subscription Just Dropped 🌮

A banner celebrating the Taco Lover's Pass.
Taco Bell

After a short regional trial, Taco Bell’s new subscription is now available to everyone in the United States. A Taco Lover’s Pass costs just $10 at most locations, but it gets you a free taco of your choice every day of the month.

If you live near a Taco Bell or drive past one for work, you can pop in every day and get one free taco with your Taco Lover’s Pass. And you’re not just stuck with the plain crunchy and soft tacos—you can get a Doritos Locos taco, a spicy potato taco, or the fully-loaded “supreme” version of any taco on the menu. (Chalupas don’t count as tacos, unfortunately.)

To sign up for the taco-a-day subscription, simply install the Taco Bell app (iOS/Android), join Taco Bell Rewards, and pay for a Taco Lover’s Pass. You’ll see a new category in your Taco Bell app to choose and redeem free tacos in-restaurant.

Taco Bell originally tested its Taco Lover’s Pass program in Tucson, Arizona late last year. It reports that 20% of customers were new to the Taco Bell Rewards program, and that another 20% renewed their Taco Lover’s Pass for a second month.

Bear in mind that tacos don’t roll over. If you miss a free taco one day, you can’t redeem it later. But hey, the Taco Lover’s Pass could save you around $50 if you manage to redeem a taco every day, so it’s clearly a great deal!

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Source: Taco Bell via CNBC

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