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Eargo’s New Hearing Aids Keep the Affordable Price, Add Valuable New Features

A photo of the Eargo 6 hearing aids in their charging case.

Hearing loss isn’t just frustrating; it’s also expensive. Most medical-grade hearing aids cost around $10k, and they’re rarely covered by insurance or medicare. But a small startup called Eargo manages to release new, relatively affordable medical-grade hearing aids every year, and its latest offering looks like a very compelling alternative to more expensive options.

🎉 The Eargo 6 is a Review Geek Best of CES 2022 award winner! Make sure to check out our full list of winners to learn more about exciting products coming in 2022.

Like premium hearing aids, the new Eargo 6 use an “invisible” complete-in-canal (CIC) design. They also pack a new “Sound Adjust” feature that automatically optimizes sound for your environment—this is a feature you rarely see in affordable hearing aids, of course. (You can manually change your sound settings using pre-set “profiles” if you don’t want things to be automatic.)

And for those who have trouble understanding mask-wearers, the new Eargo 6 have a new “mask mode” that enhances muffled speech. It’s a neat feature, although it’s tucked within the Eargo app, which is a bit of a shame.

Our Editor-In-Chief, Josh Hendrickson, had a chance to try the Eargo 6 hearing aids at CES 2022. Here’s a short snippet of his experience, which is fully detailed in our Best of CES 2022 post:

I stood in a noisy, crowded room filled with conversation, and yet I could hear with near-perfect clarity every word being spoken to me. It was amazing. Especially considering the Eargo 6 model is so discreet, it’s practically invisible. That might satisfy anyone who refuses to be seen wearing hearing aids.

I should also note that the Eargo 6 have an IPX7 water-resistance rating. While they aren’t exactly swim-proof, they should survive an accidental trip in the shower or an accidental dunk in a swimming pool.

All of these features come at just $2,950, the same price that Eargo charged for flagship hearing aids in years past. Eargo also offers a 36-month financing plan for these new earbuds, which should come in handy if you don’t have three grand laying around.

Eargo 6 Heading Aids

The Eargo 6 features automatic noise adjustments, an invisible and comfortable design, IPX7 water-resistance, and a new “mask mode” to help hear muffled voices. Get the hearing aids now for $3,000 or $94 a month with a financing plan.

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