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Labrador Opens Reservations for Its Stunning Assistive Robot Concept


One of the biggest problems with assistive robot concepts, such as the Amazon Astro, is that they don’t provide simple solutions to common problems. They exist only to create hype for a company or fulfill some CEO’s vision of the future. But the Labrador Caddie and Retriever are different. These are robot concepts with straightforward, realistic goals, and they’re set to launch in 2023.

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The Labrador Caddie and Retriever are small motorized bar carts that carry items around your home. They can follow your movements using integrated cameras and sensors or travel to predetermined spaces, such as your fridge, front door, or laundry room. Naturally, these robots respond to voice commands, routines, and in-app controls.

I’ve seen a lot of people dismiss the Labrador Caddie and Retriever concepts. But these robots are primarily intended for (and tested by) those who are disabled, elderly, or dealing with a chronic condition like Parkinson’s. Yeah, a Labrador won’t replace a caretaker, but it can make simple tasks like transferring folded laundry, bringing groceries to the fridge, or carrying essential items (glasses, medication, etc) much easier.

The larger Labrador Retriever also has a special feature; it can raise and lower itself. Additionally, the Retriever can take items out of a fridge, but only if the fridge is modified by Labrador employees first.

Starting now, interested parties can place a refundable $250 deposit toward a Labrador Caddie or Retriever. But the machines aren’t exactly cheap; customers who reserve their robot can buy a Caddie for $5000 or a Labrador for $6800. And yes, that’s less than what you’ll pay if you skip the reservation.

Source: Labrador

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