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This 3D-Printed DualSense Adapter Lets You Play PS5 With One Hand

The one-handed DualSense attachment on a PS5 controller.
Akaki Kuumeri

Xbox is arguably the best gaming brand in terms of device accessibility, but that hasn’t stopped gamers from developing their own accessibility tools for the PlayStation. Just ask YouTuber Akaki Kuumerie, who designed an impressive PS5 DualSense adapter that lets you use the controller with just one hand.

The one-handed DualSense adapter is pretty interesting, to say the least. A bracket attaches to the top of the controller, providing small switches to trigger the D-Pad and shoulder buttons with one hand. An additional bracket snaps to the left thumbstick and wraps around the controller, allowing you to use the thumbstick by pivoting the controller on your thigh or another surface.

Only the Share button is out of reach when using this one-handed adapter, which is an acceptable trade-off. And because the DualSense is symmetrical, gamers can reverse this design before printing if they want to (or need to) use their left hand.

Before watching Akaki Kuumerie’s YouTube video, I was honestly a bit skeptical about this mod. But the thing works. I’m especially impressed by the thumbstick attachment, which helps balance the heavy controller in addition to providing full control over thumbstick movement.

Akaki made this attachment for a “snap-on controller mod” contest, which I suggest checking out. You can install the files and read the instructions for this attachment at Prusa Printers.

Source: Akaki Kuumerie via Engadget

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