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Wyze Just Increased the Local Storage Capacity for Its Smart Security Cameras

The Wyze Cam Outdoor on a porch.
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Like you, we’re psyched about Wyze Cam Plus Lite, a new service that’s basically free for all Wyze Cam owners. But Wyze has another huge announcement for its customers—after years of only supporting microSD cards up to 32GB, Wyze Cams will finally support higher capacity local storage solutions.

Using a microSD card with your Wyze Cam lets you store footage locally, as opposed to storing it in the cloud. More importantly, it unlocks continuous video recording without the need for a Cam Plus subscription; no more 12-second videos! While a 32GB card can store about a week of continuous footage, many customers would prefer to use a larger card that stores twice or three times as much video.

Here are the updates mentioned in Wyze’s forum post:

  • We just acquired a license to an exFAT patent and will officially support microSDXC cards bigger than 32GB! This is already included on the latest Wyze Cam v3 firmware and will be coming to the rest of our cameras in their next firmware updates.
  • If you’re using local storage, the Event has a button that will take you directly to the appropriate timestamp on the microSD card so you can see the full Event using local storage.
  • We’re adding 30-second rewind and skip forward buttons to help you jump through microSD card footage faster. This will be live by mid-February.

In addition to the expanded microSD card support, Wyze is adding two small improvements to the local storage experience. Pressing the “Event” button for a local video will automatically direct you to its event timestamp (the part of the video that contains movement). Additionally, Wyze plans to add 30-second rewind and fast-forward buttons for local video this February.

At the time of writing, only the Wyze Cam V3 is updated to support microSDXC cards larger than 32GB. Other Wyze Cam products will gain this feature in their upcoming firmware updates.

Source: Wyze

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