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Tesla Could Announce a New Cybertruck Release Date on January 26th

A photo of the Tesla Cybertruck driving on a dusty road.

Tesla has scrubbed all references of a 2022 Cybertruck release from its website. This change comes ahead of a product roadmap update, indicating that Tesla may delay Cybertruck production again.

As you may know, the Cybertruck was originally slated for a 2021 release. But Tesla recently delayed production until 2022 and removed the EV’s pricing options from its website. The company also announced some new features and changes for the vehicle, likely because the electric pickup market has changed significantly since the Cybertruck was first announced in 2019.

Thankfully, Tesla plans to unveil an updated product roadmap during its earnings call on January 26th. Elon Musk previously stated that he’d skip Tesla earnings calls, but he seemed to change his mind after the company removed Cybertruck pricing and configuration options from its website in December.

While there’s no guarantee that Tesla will announce a new Cybertruck release date during its earnings call, the company’s product roadmap should give us deeper insight into the electric pickup’s new features and pricing. We also expect Tesla to explain how Tesla will handle customers who reserved the Cybertruck before any changes to pricing or configuration options.

Now, I should clarify that these Cybertruck woes don’t reflect Tesla’s overall performance as a company. Tesla reportedly delivered 81% more cars in 2021 than in 2020, and its sales eclipse rival EV companies by a wide margin. It’s only falling behind in the electric truck market, where Rivian and Ford lead the charge with practically zero competition.

Source: Tesla via Electrek

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