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Download Your Humble Bundle Mac and Linux Games Before They’re Gone for Good

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is warning users that Mac and Linux versions of games in the “Humble Trove” will disappear this February. If you game on a Mac or Linux device, it’s time to dive into the Trove and install any games you want to keep.

The change comes as Humble “simplifies” its subscription model. Previously, customers could choose from a variety of subscription tiers and keep a handful of “free” games each month. But in February, Humble will whittle its Choice subscription down to a single $12 tier. Humble Choice customers will gain access to a permanent library of Trove games, and a new “Humble Games Collection” will offer up a small selection of new games each month.

Additionally, Humble will launch a Windows-only desktop client for customers to access subscriber benefits and monthly games. (If it’s as bad as the Origin client … well, I’ll cry.)

From a business standpoint, Humble’s pivot to Windows makes sense. Most of its customers use Windows PCs, and a dedicated desktop client could foster a more dedicated user-base. But it’s also odd to see Humble change so much as a company. Humble used to sell name-your-own-price gaming bundles with a heavy emphasis on charitable donations, but it now limits the amount that customers can donate and only offers games through a monthly service.

But there’s one more angle to this story; the Steam Deck, which ships with Linux. Will the new Humble desktop client work through Steam Deck’s Windows emulation layer out of the box, or will customers need to install Windows 10 to access Humble games on their new portable PC?

Source: Humble via 9to5Mac

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