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This Cool Video from LEGO Shows Us How Minifigures Are Made

Two Lego minifigures - one with smirk and one happy. Blue background. Studio shot.

Minifigures are an essential part of the LEGO experience, letting us enjoy a variety of characters in addition to the iconic blocks. While they might not seem like the most complex component, the process of making them is actually quite involved, as LEGO revealed in a fascinating video.

LEGO has perfected the entire process of how minifigures are put together, which is why the company can so easily make ones for their own proprietary set ideas—like Fairground and Summer Celebration—as well as for popular franchises, like Marvel Studios, Looney Tunes, the Hogwarts Students from the Harry Potter world, and more.

Since LEGO minifigures are toys most of us enjoyed playing with as we grew up, it’s a blast to watch the creation process in this thrilling video:

The video starts off showing hundreds (if not thousands) of blank minifigure heads getting sorted into an automation line. From there, a face is painted on by a machine, which can print 23,000 heads per hour. Next, the heads gain a body and a painted-on outfit, and eventually arms, hands, legs, and any accessories they might need, like hats.

The process also includes bagging up the minifigures and printing the appropriate label on them that you’ll see in the stores. And while the video only shows the creation process for the more “standard” yellow minifigures, we’d still be curious to see how non-standard models are made for unusual creatures, like Chewbacca or IG-88 from Star Wars for example. Regardless, we love them and can’t see which minifigures LEGO dreams up next!

via Laughing Squid

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